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Home partition design ideas from turn key interior designer in Hyderabad

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Whether your home has an open floor plan or not, partitions are still a necessity to demark different areas. Sometimes coming up with new ideas for the barriers can be a big challenge and it might make you end up spending a lot of time online to search for the same. If you are in a similar situation, then make sure to go through this entire ideabook. Here you will be able to find 12 beautiful partition design ideas created by an interior decoration firm of Hyderabad.

1. Glass sliding door

If you do not want to waste a lot of space than creating a glass sliding door partition is the best alternative. Not only is it sleek but it also gives a modern touch to the room.

2. Artistic partitions

For those of you who want something more artistic creating a similar looking partition is also a great idea. This fixture has been designed using wood and lamination sheets to give it a distinctive look.

3. Grill like partition

In case you do not want to obstruct the view with your partition then creating a grill like structure is worth a short. It allows the light to spread into every corner of the room and gives you a feeling of openness.

4. Focal wall partition

A permanent structure like the wall can also be turned into a beautiful partition. All you need to do is line it with some sort of natural looking tiles or stones to turn it into a focal wall.

5. Curio rack partition

Another customizable partition design is of a curio rack which can be placed between two rooms to demark the specific areas. These types of partitions also do not take up a lot of space.

6. Wall with open shelves

Creating a white brick wall and lining it up with open shelves can also give you a beautiful partition design. Here the designer has kept the colour palette neutral so that it does not overpower the rest of the decor.

7. Kids room partition

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Nitesh Flushing Meadows—3BHK -1560sqft—Fully Furnished

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If you are looking to design the perfect partition for your kid's room then lining it up with cartoon characters is highly recommended. It gives a fun and friendly touch to the room as well.

8. Lined with patterns

For areas like the living room, the partition can be beautified with different patterns. For example, here you can see a mosaic and an abstract art design in two different colours.

9. Bar unit as a partition

Bar units are becoming increasingly popular in Indian homes. These can also be used as a partition especially by placing them between the living room and the dining area.

10. A permanent wall

One of the most straightforward ways of creating a beautiful partition out of a plain wall is by decorating it with the help of picture frames. This can even be turned into a memory wall by incorporating family photos.

11. Headboard plus partition

In case you have an open floor plan for your bedroom and dressing room, then turning your headboard into a partition can also work wonders. The cupboard or storage unit can be placed behind your headboard so that it is out of sight yet easily accessible.

12. Long storage units

Lastly, if you do not want to add any massive structures to your home then using an extended storage unit as a partition is worth considering. These units are usually low rise which is why they do not obstruct your view.

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