A vibrant welcome in traditionally modern home in Trivandrum

The mural apartment S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd. Tropical style corridor, hallway & stairs Plywood Wood effect
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A modern home in ‘God’s own country’, basking in the richness and warmth of natural wood has nature and tradition embedded in its décor. Two separate apartments are joined to make one large home. But the essence of spaciousness is kept alive by chucking away the concrete walls and allowing the free flow of freshness, wiping the home with effervescent energy. Instead of walls, the house is symbolically divided in separate space by wooden beams and columns running all over the home from ceiling to floor. The prominence of wood is also an attempt to keep the indigenous flavour and timeless magic of the traditional Kerala home alive. The Mural apartment is the apt name for this vibrant space whose spirit has been tapped well and made alive by the designers of S Squared Architects Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Have a look!

​1. A lot is there in the name

The name Mural apartment comes from this huge mural on the wall. It’s a traditional wall painting common in Kerala and appreciated in world. The moment you enter the foyer, the vibrant energy of the space will take over your mind and soul. The entrance is separated from the living room by wooden pillar and beam welcoming the guests with an open space and warmth of wood.

​2. In-built to make an impression

The beauty of this house is from its furniture. You will not at all be shocked to know that except for a few movable pieces like the sofas, a few chairs, dining table and coffee table all the furniture of this house is built-in pieces made of wood and has the same colour and texture. Even the wall behind the sofa of the sitting room is covered with wood and has beautiful design engraved on it.

​3. Temple in the dining space

The elegance and richness of this space is stunning. Wood covered ceiling defines the pathway and guide your eyes to the temple built at the end of the room. Back lit cabinets and shelves mystically spreads colour in the wood. And then the warm texture and shade of wood is perfectly complemented by the purity of white on the dining table, counter-top and floor. It’s captivating!

​4. Moving with the space

A house without limitations, a partition without wall and space welcoming you with open arms; each space is defined and divided in this home but without walls giving you an opportunity to move freely without any hindrance. Just watch out the wooden wall beside the study table for an amazing surprise!

​5. The amazing surprise

Did you notice it? The wooden wall is actually the bed in the study room which becomes a wooden wall when not serving as bed. Isn’t it an interesting and innovative addition?

​6. Simple and elegant bedroom

The sanctity of the bedroom is maintained in its simplicity and warmth, once again from the generous use of wood in furniture and décor. The thoughtful design of the cupboard with sliding doors and drawers is perfect for this small room. The wooden beam on the sides and ceiling is not overpowering and merges with the décor of the room. Reflection from hidden lights on the wooden beam is seeping colour in this room dominated by wood and white.

​7. When contemporary meets tradition

A home decorated with bonsai and mirror is quite modern and contemporary in approach. When it is joined by intricately carved traditional Kerala elephant, the essence of the space becomes special as modern meets tradition to make it fashionable and elegant.

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