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17 essential kitchen utensils for your brand new kitchen

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Away from the comfort of home, struggling to build a kitchen of your own, making a list of what to buy and what not to… well it’s not an easy task. There are kitchen essentials which are so important to kitchen that it is needed from the day one in the kitchen. Then there are things which become a part of the kitchen as it grows old. Today this ideabook is for all those who are planning to build a new kitchen from the scratch. We have prepared the list for you. All you need to do to go shopping. Check out the list of essential kitchen utensils which is absolute necessary for your brand new kitchen.

​1. Unity in diversity

Go the utensil section in a supermarket and you will be dazzled by the choice and different shapes, size and forms of utensils available. In fact chances are there that you must have never seen many of them before. Just pick the trolley and let’s go shopping.

​2. Woks, pans and kadhai -you cannot cook without them

Deep fry or keep it shallow, stir fry or bhoonu with masala in it, kadhai, woks and pans are essential for Indian kitchen as you simply can’t cook Indian cuisine without them. Together they are the perfect and compensate the absence of one another. Still both are needed in the kitchen.

​3. Spoons, spatulas and ladle

There are various types of spoons, spatulas and ladles needed in the kitchen. Get the basics and then keep on adding when and when required.

​4. Mortar-pestle or hamam-dasta

Used for pounding and crushing, this is quite handy to pound garlic or when small quantity masala.

​5. Chopping board

You may still be able to chop and cut the vegetable without it, but it will be convenient if you have one.

6. Kitchen towels, foil and cling films

Kitchen is incomplete without it; it will keep your work station clean and keeping the cut fruits and vegetables fresh.

7. Knifes and peeler

Peeling, chopping and cutting, an essential procedure in cooking can only be done with the help of knifes and peeler.

​8. Chimta or holder

It will save you from burning your fingers and help you in holding the hot utensils. Clothes are cumbersome and may cause accidents. Stay safe while cooking and use it.

​9. Pots and pans (Degchi or Patila)

It was and still very common in Indian kitchens, though the shapes and size have become a bit modern but the essence remains. Narrow at the top and round in the bottom it can also be used to store water.

​10. Pressure cooker

It’s a utensil to cook the food quickly. Steam pressure is built in this special utensil called pressure cooker that cooks the food quickly because of the pressure built by boiling water.

11. Everyday vessels

The basic essential vessels to eat are what you will surely need in your new kitchen. As far as fancy cutlery is concerned you can buy them latter.

​12. Grater and coffee filter

Grater with small and large groves comes handy when you need to grate something to reduce its size. Cheese, ginger, carrot… it can grate it. And then you also need a filter for your daily dose of coffee.

​13. Strainer and sieve

With lots of small holes in it, the main job of this is to separate soups, sauce, flour, etc from unwanted ingredients. Strainer is used to keep the washed vegetables and fruits to dry out.

14. Jars for storing

This is one thing that will keep on adding and subtracting from your kitchen shelves, but trust us you will need plenty of it as your kitchen gets older.

​15. Hot Indian bread

Chakla-belan and tawa, these are the utensils needed to make hot and hit Indian bread basket.

​16. Water purifier

Clean water is essential in every home. Instead of buying bottled water, make arrangement and install water purifier to get clean water at home.

17. Dustbin

It's important to keep your kitchen clean and free from all the eyesore waste.

After essential utensils, check out these essential appliances for kitchen: What are the essential appliances in a modern kitchen? 

Did you find this comprehensive list useful? We are waiting to hear from you.

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