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Casa Sol , José Vigil Arquitectos José Vigil Arquitectos Tropical style pool
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There's something so serene and relaxing about white sandy beaches, crisp sea breeze, and the white horse waves that gently rush along the coastline. Today on homify 360, we tour the spectacular Casa Sol, a spectacular tropical vila resting on the beautiful landscape of Punta Mitla, Nuevo Vallarta in Jalisco. Designed by José Vigil Architects, this villa features an open layout that connects all the spaces of the house and promises an excellent view of the sea. The breathtaking view is further accentuated with greenery and tropical elements of the house. Warm, cozy but incredibly luxurious, Casa Sol is where dreams are made.

Let's explore the corners and the view of this villa, shall we?

The courtyard

A stunning courtyard encapsulated with foliage and a fountain in the center graces the center of this house. Its outer circulation is covered with tiled roofs, making it an interesting addition to Casa Sol. Connecting all rooms of the house to the middle, this villa perfectly captures the style of tropical architecture. The refreshing sound of water and the lush greenery further accentuates the tranquillity of this villa.

The kitchen space

The dining room and the kitchen space have a continuation with the outside of the villa through a roof terrace. With an open space that integrates into the dining one and one independent space, the kitchen has a welcoming feel. A sloping ceiling in the dining room features a gualdras wooden ceiling for a sense of warmth/ The designers have furnished the space with tropical style furniture that feature elements like rattan with earth tones for a harmonious feel.

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The bathroom with a view

Spacious with glass walls, the bathroom conveys warmth and serenity with its decor. The bathroom is designed to give access to the small terrace, adding more space with a feeling of relaxation. Shades of terra cotta and orange on the wall blend gorgeously with the wooden furnishing and accessories. The terrace walls are graced with hanging foliage and planters to accentuate the tropical style.

The bedroom

Gigantic wooden sliding doors that also serve as shutters, rattan furnishing, and white linen accentuate the style of this gorgeous bedroom. The open layout allows the inflow of natural light through the magnificent terrace that also features comfortable sofas in rattan with white cushions. The roof of the bedroom features a gualdras wooden ceiling for an enhanced tropical style. The neutral colours blend beautifully with the yellow tones of the wall and the flooring.

The poolside

We finish this incredible tour with the poolside of this stunning villa. This amazing space is a continuation of the terrace from the living room and dining area. A large wooden roof covers one area of the pool side to enjoy the view when it gets too sunny. The poolside also features sun beds and comfortable seating to enjoy the company and conversations with family and friends.

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