7 Great Painting Tips for Your Garden

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A beautiful garden right at the front of your house enhances the beauty of the abode to a considerable extent. A touch of green or maybe some of the most vibrant hues in your verdant patch is something every garden-owner dreams of. To most people gardening is therapeutic, the fragrance, the colours overwhelms your senses and invigorates your very being! But like all things, a garden needs your tender loving care. Give your garden a dash of paint, choosing from the most vibrant colour palette, and see it blossom before your eyes! Your painted garden can surely be a sight for sore eyes!

Pottering around the Patio

A patio is more than a place to have hushed confabulations over  your steaming cuppas.  A coat of fresh patio paint can add the much- needed spice to your garden. A specific colour scheme  could enhance the beauty of the place considerably. Mix and match your prints and textures, like stripes and floral prints on your floor can do wonders and elevate your patio design to another level.

To add depth and character to your design, keep it busy with blending in patterns and textures. Instead of uprooting your patio use your primer sandpaper and brush to  create a revamped patio to add a delightful touch to your garden. A patio can be a private place to stretch your limbs, or curl up with a book, or a place to have your friends over to indulge in some gossip! Without going overboard, you can create something interesting! Just let your imagination travel far and you could have a painted garden to be proud of!

Murals add a beauteous element to your garden

A garden not only refreshes your mind but also acts as a solace to your spirit, often mowed down by the trials and tribulations of daily life. So murals provide that getaway feeling which your soul hankers after. A mural fires your vivid imagination, and transports you to a place that gives you respite from the muck of mediocrity. Painting your walls keeping in mind a colour scheme or theme adds that much-needed zing factor!

Your garden walls must be juxtaposed with a theme to give a meaning to the beauty of your garden! A south-western theme nicely plays up a cactus garden.  A garden largely dependent on greens could use a pop of colour to complete the colour pallet. It may interest you to know that the Trompe-l ‘oeil technique, is a century old technique, which gives a three-dimensional effect to your walls using realistic imagery. A painted gurgling brook can sit pretty in your garden with assorted furniture or accessories. Take a hint from the one shown above by Marvellous Murals, artists and artisans from United Kingdom.

Fountain of Beauty

A fountain in your garden can provide the desired respite from the scorching heat and act as a soothing balm for your eyes. But constant weathering can rob its sheen and make it look tired and jaded. It’s best to use colours that will perk up its look and infuse some life into it! So what are the colours required to refurbish its look? Metallic paints can give a certain level of pizzaz to your fountains.

If you are concerned about the structure of the fountain being not to your liking, a metallic finish could help it rise in your esteem. Bronze gold or pewter, these colours lend a sheen that is illuminating enough to grab eyeballs. A coat of paint can transform your ordinary fountain into a thing of beauty, and be a coordinated part of a painted garden.

Colourful Containers

When you are thinking of revamping your garden, focus on containers is very much needed.  Like you despise the thought of dressing dowdy with mismatched accessories, your garden containers too must get a facelift in order to be a part of the  newly painted garden! Containers can be light weight planters or heavy claypots, they can always do with a coat of paint to acquire an unmitigated zest!

 Imagine your green garden punctuated with bright coloured flowers and brighter containers. Your sagging spirits will get a boost just at the sight of such beauty! Paint it to look like a stone or any other material to give it a different character altogether. Trust your instincts and aesthetic sense on this one!

Classy Furniture

Your garden may have furniture crafted from wood, stone, rattan or wrought iron. Since they are constantly exposed to natural elements, you need to take care of them to make them look good. Consider going for a new coat of paint or polish, to bring out the original beauty of your furniture. Pure black or white, or even attractive wooden hues look elegant and unique. For a playful note, consider painting the garden coffee table like a chessboard. Also, keep your furniture clean on a regular basis to fight the ravages of time and unkind climate.

Painted Props

The lesser important props may not figure on your priority list, but they add value to the whole garden. There are myriad props which prop up the look of your garden no pun intended! Pergolas, arches, statues, benches, decks, there are too many props. Ignoring these props would be criminal as these add to the dimension of your garden.

Give the props an ornamental look by using outdoor paint and cleverly adding splashes of colour to brighten up the proceedings. For example, you have been using white-washed picket fences. Drench them in colours and surprise yourself and your friends and acquaintances. They are sure to look twice at the nameplate when they enter your home!

What Colours Do I Choose!

There’s something about colour which immediately fills your senses in the best way possible. But when you paint, there must be a method to your madness and you cannot just go about painting your garden with the brightest hues imaginable. Well, you cringe yourself at the sight of some of the hideously coloured houses and gardens you come across, right?

Follow a colour scheme and dab on some bright hues with muted hues. Actually, your style of garden dictates the kind of colours you should choose. A Japanese garden has some formal colours like black, gray and white while a southwestern style of garden uses some earthy tones like tan, orange and so on. Choose a colour which blends in well with the combination of your painted garden.

Planning is necessary, as only if you plan in advance that your garden would be refurbished to the kind you always dreamed of! Keeping in your mind the budget and the colour scheme, you can turn your garden into a painted wonder. You can while away your time in quiet  bliss in there. So put on your thinking cap and invite your closet designer self, and you are pretty much good to go!

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