Kitchen supplied by Home center: modern Kitchen by Hasta architects

10 simple yet efficient kitchen storage designs for Indian homes

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Storage can never be enough in a kitchen which is why being creative while designing the layout is a must. Creating room in a large kitchen is easier than in a small one. However, there are various design ideas that you can incorporate without having to worry about the size of the room. That is why in today's ideabook we are going to share with you 10 efficient yet straightforward storage designs which can be included in any kitchen.

1. Ceiling cabinets

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Bangalore: asian Kitchen by Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.
Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.

U Shaped Modular Kitchen Bangalore

Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.

Adding a single row of cabinets above the counter is quite common. However, this layout can be made more efficient by using the remaining vertical space to create ceiling cabinets like seen in this picture. It can be used to store items that you do not need regularly.

2. Spice racks

Kitchen and Dining area designs: modern Kitchen by Desig9x Studio
Desig9x Studio

Kitchen and Dining area designs

Desig9x Studio

Spices are an integral part of Indian cuisine which is why you need to keep them handy. One of the simplest ways to do so is by creating a wall mounted spice rack next to your gas cooktop. This makes it easy for you to reach out for condiments while cooking.

3. Spoon hangers

Cooking or serving spoons are usually kept in drawers which takes up unnecessary space. Instead, to make the layout more efficient, you can incorporate wall mounted spoon hanger like seen in this design.

4. Cabinet come table

Tiny Home Design: eclectic Dining room by Aum Architects
Aum Architects

Tiny Home Design

Aum Architects

Almost every Indian kitchen has a pacific cabinet for storing drinkware or crockery. But by making the door of such cabinets foldable, you can create a table as well. These multifunctional pieces of furniture also allow you to save floor space and are great for small kitchens.

5. Glass crockery cabinet

Kitchen supplied by Home center: modern Kitchen by Hasta architects
Hasta architects

Kitchen supplied by Home center

Hasta architects

Another efficient way to use your crockery cabinet is by placing it between two rooms to create a beautiful partition. It is not only an additional storage space but also acts as an attractive design feature.

6. Dual-sided storage

modular kitchen design : modern Kitchen by aashita modular kitchen
aashita modular kitchen

modular kitchen design

aashita modular kitchen

In case you have a similar kitchen counter layout then adding double-sided storage cabinets can also be a great idea. These designs allow you to utilize this space to the fullest.

7. Corner drawers

Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen Designs: asian Kitchen by Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.
Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.

Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen Designs

Scale Inch Pvt. Ltd.

The corners of a kitchen are usually left out while designing storage space. Although, there are various methods to create a functional space using such dead edges. One of them is by lining the area with a chest of drawers.

8. Open shelves

ethnic kitchen : country Kitchen by ZERO9

ethnic kitchen


Open shelves like this can be accessed from both sides which makes them a significant design element. They can be used to store mugs or glasses and can be accessed quickly when required. It saves you from going back and forth between the kitchen and the living or dining room.

9. In the island

Hyderabad Showroom: rustic Kitchen by Hacker Kitchen
Hacker Kitchen

Hyderabad Showroom

Hacker Kitchen

Central islands are becoming very popular in Indian kitchens. But the space beneath the island is usually made of a stable concrete structure. To make it more efficient adding storage in this part of the fixture is an excellent option.

10. Ceiling glass racks

Residential interiors: classic Kitchen by Dream space Interiors
Dream space Interiors

Residential interiors

Dream space Interiors

Lastly, another simple way to utilize the vertical space available in your kitchen is by creating a ceiling glass rack similar to this picture. These racks can be made using sleek metal bars and are inexpensive.

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