12 drawing room ideas with functional designs

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Houses are getting smaller and smaller day by day. That is why it is crucial to have multifunctional designs for different areas of your residence. Such plans can not only make your house look beautiful but can also allow you to add more features than usual. In today's ideabook we are going to share with you 12 drawing room ideas with similar functional designs.

1. Open layout

One of the most popular design aspects these days is of an open layout. With the help of an open floor plan, you will be able to combine different rooms and save a lot of space.

2. Decorative partition

LIVING AREA VIEW 1 homify Modern living room Brown



In case you still want to demark different areas of your house then using a decorative partition is a great idea. These partitions can be created using various materials, and they save you from the hassle of building a permanent wall.

3. In-built seating

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contemporary contentment


Saving floor space is one of the critical aspects of a functional design. That is why the interior decorator of this house has created an elevated inbuilt seating which gives you enough area to store things underneath.

4. Customized units

TV unit with display homify Modern living room

TV unit with display


Another way to add a personal touch to your drawing room is by creating custom units. For example, you can build a TV wall with designer open shelves so to display your curious. These shelves can feature any shape that you may like.

5. Corner island

Adding a small island in the corner of your drawing room can give you additional space to layout things when guests come over. It can act as a service station and even a meal counter.

6. With a bar cabinet

If you love entertaining guests then incorporating a bar cabinet near the drawing room is a great idea. You can store all the drinkware here so that it saves you a lot of time while hosting parties.

7. Drawing and kitchen

The kitchen is another room that you can combine with your drawing room to make the design more functional. It cuts down the time that you spend going back and forth between the two rooms especially when they are situated in different corners of the house.

8. Focal walls

Tv unit design homify Rustic style living room Plywood Brown

Tv unit design


Central focal walls like these act as a decorative element as well as a great petition. They give you a feeling of openness while keeping the desired areas out of sight. These walls can also be created with different materials according to the theme of your house.

9. Sleek staircase

In the case of a small living room adding a sleek staircase which leads to the first floor is highly recommended. These staircases can either be wall mounted or floating depending on your design selection. Here the area beneath the fixture can be used for various purposes.

10. Sofa come beds

Functional designs also incorporate multi-purpose furniture. Here the designer has included sofa come beds instead of traditional seating. These sofas prove to be of great help especially when you have guests over.

11. Reusing old furniture

A simple way to create functional layouts for your drawing room is by reusing old furniture. These items can include old tables, bookshelves, and even cabinets. All you need to do is paint them in the same colour as the rest of your fixtures.

12. Nesting tables

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Varun Seth

Living room

Varun Seth

Last but surely not the least, nesting tables are also an excellent alternative for creating functional designs. When not in use these tables can be stored in one another which creates a compact design feature.

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