How can I improve the decoration of my living room?

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Rodas Enclave, Thane, aasha interiors aasha interiors Modern living room
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The living room or hall is the most important social space in any home. It’s the area where one welcomes and entertains guests. It’s also the place where the family spends time bonding while talking to each other or watching a show or film together. When one gets bored with the hall decoration in one’s home, giving the room a makeover is a solution for completely transforming the space. However, this requires a significant budget, and not everyone will be willing to splurge. Instead, it’s possible to use some affordable hall decoration ideas to refresh the space. We’ll show you how!

1. Give a boost to living room designs with accessories

SNN Raj Serenity, 2 BHK - Mr. Deepak, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Tropical style living room

SNN Raj Serenity, 2 BHK—Mr. Deepak


Place a beautiful carpet on the floor in the same tones as the rest of the living room, so that it matches the wallpaper, the runner on the coffee table and the accent cushions on the sofa. Enhance the look with a large floor vase with a dry arrangement. Using neutral shades such as grey guarantees a modern touch to the décor.

2. Add glamour to hall decoration for homes

Rodas Enclave, Thane, aasha interiors aasha interiors Modern living room
aasha interiors

Rodas Enclave, Thane

aasha interiors

Bring a dull living room to life by changing the curtains. Choose elegant sheers that don’t completely cut out the natural light in the area. Add wood panels to a blank white wall and clad it with tiny mirrors to create a stunning and unique art installation for the room. Step it up a notch by reupholstering the sofas with velvet.

3. Hall decoration ideas – play with textures on the ceiling

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If the room looks well put together, but one still wants a change, look toward the ceiling for inspiration. Create textural elements with 3D panels, strips of wood or board to transform the ambiance of the hall altogether. Either stick with one material or be bold and experiment with a combination.

Consult an interior designer for ideas on decorating the ceiling in the hall.

4. Interior decoration for halls – seasonal changes

For those who like to alter the mood in the living room from one season to another, changing the colour of the upholstery and adding accents and accessories make it easy to achieve. Turquoise blue is a favourite for the summer. Add a contrast floral print on a winged back chair and multi-coloured cushions to complete the summery look. Don’t forget to fill the vases with fresh flowers!

5. Nature theme for interior design in living rooms

Nature is an excellent solution for refreshing any space. Introducing shades of green into the living room can cheer up the mood in a dull hall with a monotone palette. Combine it with wood on the floor and place a potted plant in the room to put together a refreshed space.

6. Add a large sofa to the hall decoration

Instead of having several smaller seats in the living room, place a huge sofa that is more comfortable to ensure that you enjoy lounging on it when you are talking to your family or friends. A large sofa extends along the length of the room to make it look bigger than it is.  Therefore, it can be an ideal solution even for a small hall.

Get ideas from these luxurious sofa designs for living rooms.

7. Hall decoration with mirrors

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Most interior designers resort to using mirrors for increasing the amplitude of a space. Including the mirrors in the backdrop of a cabinet adds functionality to living room designs as the shelves can display decorative accessories to enhance the beauty of the room, while the mirrors reflect light to brighten up the living area.

8. Hall decoration ideas: Hero a colour

One way to make a room look elegant and well-designed is to let one colour dominate the space. A sophisticated shade such as dark grey is the perfect option for bringing modernity into the hall. Of course, you can always use subtle accents such as colourful throws and cushions to break the monotony.

9. Highlight a view for enhancing hall decoration for homes

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If the living room has a beautiful view, then shifting the focus to highlight it can completely transform the ambiance of the space. Change the windows to optimise the scenery outside. Picture windows are ideal. Instead of curtains, install blinds so that nothing hinders the view.

Find inspiration from these ideas to arrange a living room.

10. Living room designs: clad a wall

Bring a new look to a hall by changing the texture and colour of one of the walls. Stone, wood or 3D panels are the perfect options for this task. Rather than cladding the entire area, restrict it to a small section such as the background panel of the television to bring a sleeker look to the design of the room.

11. Interior design in living rooms: spice up the drapes

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Sometimes all one needs to do for changing the ambiance in a living room is to get new drapes. A combination of sheer and blackout curtains always works best. Additionally, you can introduce new ties for the drapes or add a decorative border along the edges to create a stunning effect.

12. Create a gallery for the hall decoration

Bring a blank wall to life by hanging a series of framed photographs or prints on it. It is a simple trick but works wonders in adding a highlight to the living room. Any collection, whether it’s decorative plates, trophies or vases can replace the photographs to infuse the room with the owner’s personality.

13. A fireplace for the hall decoration

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Tv unit design


For a house in a cold region, adding a fireplace can significantly enhance the cosiness of the room. One doesn’t have to break down a wall to build it. It’s possible to include it in a partition structure that separates the living room from the dining area. An exposed brick wall can be the perfect backdrop for the fireplace as it will add to the rustic look of the room.

14. Hall decoration ideas: change the flooring

A quick way to transform a dull living room is to lay wooden flooring over the existing one. The warmth of the wood as the natural light reflects off it will completely alter the ambiance of the space. Nowadays, it’s possible to install certain types of wood floors within a day as they come with an interlocking mechanism that clicks in place.

15. Living room designs using wallpaper

For refreshing the look of the hall without changing the other elements such as the sofas and the flooring, using wall paper to coat one of the walls adds a lovely decorative element to the room. Installing an eye-catching accessory such as a mirror with a bright toned frame will make the wall the focal point in the hall. Choose a wall paper that matches the décor in the rest of the space.

The perfect living room comprises a blend of elements carefully chosen to match the design style and to make the area look like each item belongs in it. While it’s possible to go the DIY route to redecorate a living room, to take it to the next level, it’s best to consult a professional interior designer or architect. From helping to choose the right style, pick the ideal furniture, colour scheme and accessories, a designer can make the process of refreshing the living room more manageable than if one had to do it alone.

Which of these ideas is your favourite? Leave a comment to tell us.

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