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What are some creative ideas for expanding kitchen storage?

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After a few years of living in the same house, it’s inevitable that one’s collection of utensils, appliances, and crockery increases, demanding more kitchen storage to arrange them neatly. While renovating the kitchen to redesign the space is an option, not everyone has the budget for it. The good news is that one doesn’t have to go in for an expensive makeover for increasing the storage in the kitchen. All it takes is a few additional shelves, racks or even an island. Let’s look at some creative ideas for kitchen storage cabinets.

1. Kitchen storage racks

One of the vital points for keeping the countertops uncluttered is to refrain from storing anything on them as it will hinder the daily cleaning of the area. However, free-standing racks are an exception to the rule. One can use them to store plates, mugs, spice bottles or any other item. When it’s time to clean the counter, it’s easy to move the rack out of the way.

2. Rails with hooks for kitchen storage

If there’s no space left over in the drawers for arranging spoons, ladles or mugs, install a metal rail with hooks to hang them and keep the countertops free.

3. Kitchen storage solutions – corner shelves

Modern Apartment interior, Jaypee Greens Kalypso Court Sector-128 Noida:  Built-in kitchens by kalky interior
kalky interior

Modern Apartment interior, Jaypee Greens Kalypso Court Sector-128 Noida

kalky interior

The corners, whether the room has an L-shaped or U-shaped design, are useful for expanding kitchen storage. Fixing floating shelves in the area allows efficient use of the nooks in the kitchen for storing bottles, jars, plastic containers or utensils, and it doesn’t cost much to buy and install these shelves. Additionally, fitting pocket racks on the wall presents a place to store magazines with recipes, cutlery and napkins among other things.

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4. Optimizing kitchen storage

Nizar, Manilala: modern Kitchen by stanzza

Nizar, Manilala


Instead of opting for a renovation, building an additional row of cabinets above the existing ones can provide space for storing appliances and utensils that one doesn’t use very often. Whether it’s for storing the ice cream maker during the winter months or decorative crockery until the next party, optimising the space by building more kitchen storage cabinets will postpone renovation plans by a few years. Make the most of the kitchen by building cabinets and shelves from the floor to the ceiling.

5. Kitchen storage with open shelves

If you have a section of the wall free, installing open shelves is a simple solution for increasing the storage in the kitchen. It is achievable by resting a plank of wood on a bracket. Use it to display glasses or crockery to make the room look pretty. Remember that everything on open shelves requires organisation so that the kitchen doesn’t look cluttered or messy.

6. Reorganising kitchen storage in inaccessible corners

Prestige Tranquility:  Built-in kitchens by Space Trend
Space Trend

Prestige Tranquility

Space Trend

Designing corner units is a challenge in any kitchen. The interiors of the cabinets are always difficult to access without getting a crick in your back. Placing wicker baskets on the shelves makes it easier to arrange things and pulling out the basket is easy when one needs to get something from it.

7. Slide out bins for adding to kitchen storage

Wire baskets or rectangular plastic totes with a rim are an excellent option for fixing pull-out drawers in an open cabinet to make the kitchen look better organised. All one needs to do is to install the channel into the shelf and slide the basket or bin into the track. These open racks are an excellent solution for storing fruits, vegetables and other products that need to breathe. They also help to hide away clutter, compared to kitchen storage shelves.

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8. Refurbishing existing kitchen storage

Sometimes, all one needs to do to make the shelves in the kitchen more efficient is to change the interior systems. Install wire racks inside drawers for neatly stacking plates and cups. Place cutlery divider systems inside drawers to organise them better. In corner units, replacing the inaccessible shelves with a rotating lazy Susan-like rack can make it easy to get anything. Swivel or swing-out systems are other alternatives for kitchen racks and shelves in corner cabinets.

9. Adding kitchen storage with a partition

Kitchen supplied by Home center: modern Kitchen by Hasta architects
Hasta architects

Kitchen supplied by Home center

Hasta architects

When one runs out of space in the kitchen for adding shelves, it pays to get creative and think up innovative solutions to tackle the problem. Building a partition with shelves presents a place to arrange kitchen storage containers to keep the countertops free of clutter. The partition unit acts as a standalone cabinet, so placing it in the right spot can offer privacy in the kitchen by separating it from the dining room. However, bear in mind that the unit shouldn’t diminish the natural light in the kitchen. It’s easy to achieve this by having a cabinet partition with open shelves or one with a glass at the back so that the light shines through.

10. Customised solutions for kitchen storage racks

POISE Modular Kitchen: modern Kitchen by Poise

POISE Modular Kitchen


Working with a professional kitchen planner or interior designer can make a big difference in designing additional kitchen storage as they can offer advice on the various solutions available for making the room more efficient. For instance, building a shelf with a plate rack in it is an ideal way to stack plates so that they don’t touch each other. It also helps to air them out after washing them.

11. Hanging utensils to increase kitchen storage

Residential Interior Project at Sarakki, Bangalore: modern Kitchen by Kriyartive Interior Design
Kriyartive Interior Design

Residential Interior Project at Sarakki, Bangalore

Kriyartive Interior Design

Another popular solution for adding efficient storage to the kitchen without spending too much is to install hooks on the wall to hang pots and pans. It’s a great idea for finding space for utensils. When arranged artistically against a wall in a bold colour, it can also add beauty to the kitchen.

12. Adding an island for additional kitchen storage

Kitchen islands are design favourites because they look stylish. However, they can also bring functionality to the room by providing more storage. Installing a combination of cabinets, drawers and open shelves under the island counter makes it a versatile solution for improving kitchen storage.

13. Using windows for kitchen storage

4 BHK Apartment of Mr Sachin Tulsyan Kolkata:  Built-in kitchens by Cee Bee Design Studio
Cee Bee Design Studio

4 BHK Apartment of Mr Sachin Tulsyan Kolkata

Cee Bee Design Studio

Don’t forget about the kitchen window when you are looking for more space to store things. The window ledge provides a narrow shelf – ideal for placing potted herbs or kitchen storage containers. The wall above the kitchen window can be used to install a floating shelf for arranging utensils, kitchenware or crockery.

14. Standalone cabinet for kitchen storage

Apoorva Vijesh Aratt requiza: modern Kitchen by Designasm Studio
Designasm Studio

Apoorva Vijesh Aratt requiza

Designasm Studio

Depending on the design style of the kitchen, adding a new piece of furniture can increase the storage capacity of the room. A modern kitchen can have a rectangular cabinet with shelves and a glass door. For a classic style room, a wooden cupboard with ceramic knobs on the doors may be a better option.

15. Kitchen storage on cabinets

POISE Modular Kitchen:  Kitchen units by Poise

POISE Modular Kitchen


Of course, one of the simplest ideas for storing utensils, crockery and other kitchen items without spending anything is to arrange then neatly on the top of the cabinets. It works for things that one doesn’t use everyday or for cupboards that are not too high so that everything is within easy access.

Besides these ideas, one can use several creative elements to increase the storage space in the kitchen. Consulting an interior designer is the best way to get innovative solutions using materials that are ideal for the design style of your home. In addition to identifying the walls or nooks to add storage without going in for a complete renovation of the space, the professional can also suggest ideas that provide functional storage that adds to the aesthetics of the room.

Which of these ideas will you use for your kitchen? Leave a comment to tell us why.
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