Magical ways to make furniture from wine crates

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Did you know that the humble wood packaging material of your wines can be used really well for making your own customized furniture? Think of all the cost saved on buying the raw material because this is absolutely free! Wooden wine cases serve as an ideal material for transportation and storage of wines. Though thick cardboard and plastic are also used, wood is an all time favourite. It serves well, that it can be upcycled easily for many things and making furniture is one of the most productive ones. From tables and desks to wall mounted shelves and storage boxes, wines crates can help create classy furniture that will fell right right at home with your decor. Have a look at these simple and stylish wine crates that were upcycled to home furniture.

Book shelf

Who knew you could create space for your entire collection of books using wine cases? Try and get similar size wood cases and stack them up as high as you want. For support, try have a panel on the sides so that the shelves can take on fair amount of weight. For a more polished look, smoothen out the rough edges or even paint a coat of varnish or wax for a better finish and there you have your own little library. Its easy to change the look according to the decor of the room. You could even paint them in different colors for kids' room maybe!


Think of big sized wine cases, and it is possible to create desks as well. This study table uses the strip of wood from the wine cases for the top and regular stronger wood at the base and legs for support. Depending on what kind of use you want to put the furniture into, you could always mix and match with other materials to create functional items for your house. You will find countless design ideas online on how to create strong supportive furniture that can take good weights.


Simply dismantle the wine case and use the wooden pallets for creating any piece of furniture. This low level chair can be easily passed off as a designer creation, thanks to its unique design and customized cushion. Think of all the ways you can decorate the chair after the structure is ready. Add color or polish of your choice and then add a contrasting padded seat or back rest. Its easy to create an entire set of such chairs for your garden, dining room or even for the kids.

Low table

This timeless design is a a creation by Christian Hacker Fotodesign that specialize in recreating classic furniture pieces from wine crates. This end table is so functional and beautiful. With a storage option and a size that's so versatile, this low table can be used in any corner of the house. Better still, it can even double up as a step on stool. Isn't it great to have something made out of nothing!


This is a wine case on wheels! If you notice, not much has been done to the case except painting it in eye catching colors and installing wheels for easy mobility. Its a great way to create storage space in the house and can be used any where, from the kitchen to the living room or even the bathroom. Due to its rugged nature, you could even use it outdoor and store books and magazines in it. 

Flower pot

This is another innovative way of upcycling the old wine case. Make a regular square box and place a flower pot inside and you have your matching flower pot ready to go with the dining chairs made of the same material. Make sure you secure the structure well with nails as wine cases are made of thin sheets of wood. So in order to have a sturdy flower pot, it is important to focus on the construction.

Wine case is truly a dream material; easy to procure, low on cost and better for the environment. You only need to spend some time creating your DIY furniture. Take up the project and start building things on your own and you will realize how fulfilling it can be. With the right tools and materials, you can soon have all the furniture in your house homemade. Enjoy the fruits of your labour and show off your creativity and style which are surely going to impress visitors to your home.

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