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ANUJ SHARMA 3BHK, Samanta’s Studio Samanta’s Studio Modern living room Plywood White
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Exceptional features and inspiring ideas are always welcome when you are talking about a home. By using wonderful ideas and incorporating them with functional designs and forms, you get a home that is comfortable, modest and yet strikingly beautiful. There is a great interest in keeping things modern and updated, there are perks in using traditional accents as well. This home which has been possible with the efforts of the interior architects of SAMANTA’S STUDIO.

Gorgeous living room

Using subtle tones on the walls and using a minimalistic approach this room looks elegantly finished. The soft and mild color for the sofas has been contrasted with brighter cushions which seems to pick its colour from the drapes. The modern and abstract pattern on the carpet is beautiful and inspiring.

Great composition

The half-wall opposite to the sofa has open ledges and shelves allowing you to display your possessions and collectibles with pride. Using flowers and unique artifacts, this shelf seems to back up the ideas all around the room. The design for the center table is unique and contemporary as well.

Interesting and open design

Using the space well to indicate use of the rooms, this place has everything you will need in a modern and stylish living room. With the TV inset into the wall, you have a lovely space that is marked by interesting accents and sensible use of space.

Beautiful room divider

Using room divider has become a common feature but this design seems gorgeous, intricate and it makes its presence felt. The brown colour gives a wooden appearance while the intricate work gives it an old-world charm.

Spacious kitchen

longitudinal kitchen has its advantages in that there is tons of storage space and the counter seems endless. This gives an illusion of space making the room look spacious and large. BY using a monochromatic color scheme, the architects have kept the design neutral. The mustard colour works exceptionally to create the perfect contrast here.

Pleasing bedroom

lovely bedroom with everything that you will consider essential included in what you find here in this creative space. Incorporating wooden walls and unique wardrobes, the long drapes seem to add a dainty touch to the room.

Creative use of corners

A corner in the room has been used well to create a small study cum work area. The chair keeps with the modern theme while simple artwork on the wall magnifies the choice of colours and accents here.

Sensational room

The gorgeous room is everything that you would want in a room where you would like to relax and get cozy. The large artwork on the wall seems to accentuate the beauty of the place more than well.10 economical kitchen designs.

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