What are some sliding door wardrobes ideas for modern Indian homes?

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Storage is of prime importance in any house, more so in a small one, and a sliding door wardrobe is an ultimate solution that helps to provide storage space without cluttering up the room. Whether you want to give your room a makeover or are designing a new home, sliding wardrobes are a functional and aesthetically appealing option. These doors are fixed in channels at the top or bottom of a closet frame and move horizontally along the tracks. Today, we present you with some tips for installing fantastic sliding wardrobe designs for Indian homes.

What are the advantages of sliding closet doors?

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Sliding wardrobe


One of the main reasons that wardrobes with sliding doors are ideal for small houses is that they save space. Since the doors of the closet don’t open outwards, they allow accessibility without restricting movement within the room. It makes them an excellent option for fitted wardrobe doors in tiny bedrooms or even narrow hallways.

Additionally, by using high-quality systems that slide smoothly and silently, you can say goodbye to creaking wardrobe doors that disturb your sleep. The soft-close systems in sliding doors help to maintain the quietness within a bedroom.

Sliding cupboard doors are versatile as they can be made from a range of materials, including wood and glass, making them adaptable to almost any design style.

Are there any disadvantages of using sliding door wardrobes?

The principal advantage of a wardrobe with a horizontally sliding door is that unlike an outward opening hinged door, it is not affected by the limited clearance within a room. However, this can also turn into a disadvantage as it limits visibility inside the wardrobe. Unlike with hinged doors, which can be opened to view the entire closet, with sliding closet doors, since one door slides over the other, only a section of the wardrobe is visible at a time.

Another disadvantage of sliding door wardrobes compared to hinged door closets is that they are more expensive to install since they require an efficient sliding system. For sliding doors to glide smoothly, the channel tracks should be kept free of dirt and debris of any kind to prevent the doors from getting stuck. It makes them high-maintenance compared to hinged doors. Additionally, one should not stuff the wardrobe with too many things as it could cause the doors to get stuck if anything gets lodged in between them. 

Sliding closet doors can only be designed in spaces with a regular rectangular layout. It makes them unsuitable for areas with a sloping roof or the space under the stairs, as the system can only move along tracks that are parallel to each other along the top and the bottom of the cupboard.

Are sliding door wardrobes better than hinged ones?

Both types of wardrobes come with pros and cons. Before deciding on which of them is more suitable for your space, it’s best to consult an interior designer. In general, sliding door wardrobes are a better option for tiny rooms with limited space. For instance, in a small bedroom in which there is hardly any space between the bed and the wardrobe, sliding closets doors are a space-saving solution.

Can sliding door wardrobes suit any design style?

Most often, one sees sliding wardrobe designs in modern apartments and houses. Therefore, many homeowners wonder whether they will look good even in a home with a classic or a rustic design style. Since there is no restriction on the type of material used for fitted wardrobe doors with sliding systems, they can be designed to suit any design style.

Glass sliding wardrobe doors are the ultimate when it comes to creating a modern minimalist look, whereas doors with a veneer in a polished or natural wood finish are the perfect choice for classic or country-style homes. Depending on the style you want to follow in your bedroom, you can consult an interior designer to get recommendations on the best material for your sliding door wardrobes.

Get some ideas on how to create a sliding door between a bedroom and a dresser.

What are the different materials to use for sliding wardrobe designs?

The critical factor to be considered while choosing a material for sliding doors is that it should be light so that the metal channels in which the doors stand can bear the load easily. Generally, block board, particle board, plywood, and MDF are the preferred materials for sliding doors. However, glass or sliding mirror wardrobe doors are also commonly used in modern homes.

It’s inadvisable to use natural wood for sliding doors since the material is prone to expanding and contracting, due to which the system might not function smoothly.

Mirrors are an excellent option for sliding closet doors in a small bedroom as they reflect the light and space within the room to make the room appear bigger than it is. Glass wardrobe doors are another alternative for bringing airiness to an area. However, when using glass, keep in mind that the closet need to be well-organized and neat always as the shelves will be visible through the doors. Opaque or frosted glass doors are a more practical option as they don’t provide direct views of the closet interiors and help to maintain privacy. Also, invest a significant amount of time in choosing the right wardrobe colour as it can make a huge difference in the wardrobe's overall appeal.

Can I convert my old closet into a sliding door wardrobe?

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If you want to give your bedroom or hallway a modern look, replacing hinged doors with sliding doors is a simple way to achieve this. It won’t be as expensive as replacing the entire wardrobe or building a new one as all you need to spend on are the doors and the sliding system.

What are the different systems used for sliding door wardrobes?

Sliding doors work on different mechanisms:

Top line slider: Here, the door runs on a slider system placed at the top of the closet frame. The benefit of this is that it works smoothly since the doors hang from the top. These systems are costlier than the bottom running sliding door wardrobe fitting.

Bottom running slider: This system runs on wheels that roll along the bottom channel. While it’s cheaper than the top slider door, it requires more maintenance in cleaning the tracks to keep it free from dirt that might obstruct movement of the doors.

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Wooden Cupboard Online


Vertical slider: In this unique system, both doors open and close simultaneously with just a gentle push. The advanced mechanism is costly as it is not locally manufactured. Usually, one finds them in imported modular wardrobe.

Collapsible or folding sliding door wardrobes: A variation of the sliding door system, these doors fold in an accordion-like manner. While they don’t save as much space as flat sliding doors, they occupy only half the area compared to hinged doors. The sliding system is attached to the top of the wardrobe frame.

How much do sliding door wardrobes cost in India?

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Sliding door cupboards cost around INR 1500 per square foot. It’s possible to get it built cheaper through a reliable carpenter. Ready-made closets with sliding doors come in a range of materials and sizes, based on which their prices vary. These include plywood, metal, and MDF coated with veneer. Imported sliding door wardrobes are the most expensive options, often running into a few lakhs of rupees.

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Tips to maintain your sliding wardrobes

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  • Clean the rollers—The cupboard doors move smoothly because of the rollers and if these rollers get dirty, the doors will get stuck and won't move properly. Hence, you must clean these rollers at regular intervals. Also, if you find them cracked or bent then quickly replace them.
  • Use mild detergents—According to professionals, to clean hardware parts such as hinges and joint connectors, you should use a mild detergent and warm water. This will help you get rid of stains and dirt marks, without using any hard or harsh chemical.

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Mirror Sliding wardrobe

  • Use methylated spirits—If the sliding door wardrobe in your
  • dressing room
  • features a glass in the front then you can add a few drops of methylated spirit on a non-abrasive, damp cloth and wipe the glass. You can definitely use this technique to maintain the fine finish of the glass.
  • Add a low-wattage bulb—In order to protect your wooden sliding wardrobe from inside, you can add a low-wattage bulb as it will generate heat and prevent the moisture from accumulating and subsequently damaging your smartly designed wooden wardrobe.
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