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Big ideas for small kitchens

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Small kitchens can be challenging to work in, but they don't have to be. With the right interior design ideas, even tiny kitchens can be comfortable and cosy. Today we would like to show you some brilliant interior designs of modern small kitchens in Indian homes designed by local interior architects. Although we say big ideas, the choices here range from tips as simple as storage to more creative solutions like niches in the wall and so on. There is an idea for every budget and taste on homify. Please follow the links and tags included for more information. We hope you will be inspired to try some of these ideas at home. 

1. Compartmentalize everything

Small kitchens can't afford to be messy and cluttered because then there will be no more space to do anything. Keeping the kitchen tidy can actually make a lot more room. Cutlery should be compartmentalized, and everything else that can, should. Here are 9 clever tricks to save space in small kitchens.

2. Kitchen island with storage

Kitchen islands may take up more space, but they do help to compartmentalize the different areas in the kitchen. Furthermore the kitchen island can be used for storage as well. Using the kitchen island as a sink area is also quite strategic as it is helpful to place the sink in a centralized position which can be accessed from anywhere in the kitchen. Here are 11 great ideas for a kitchen island.

3. Hang things up

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN: scandinavian Kitchen by MAD DESIGN

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN


As much as possible, try to hang pots, pans and other kitchen utensils on the wall. Making the most out of wall space is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save space in a small kitchen. It also makes it easier to find things. For more inspiration, please also read our article titled 9 pictures of small kitchens for Indian homes.

4. Pendant lamps

Pendant lamps are pretty and look good in kitchens, but try to keep them as high and as light as possible. Avoid chunky pendant lamps that hang low as they take up precious space. 

5. Shrink the sink

Interior Decoration in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune: asian Kitchen by Bro4u Online Services Pvt Ltd
Bro4u Online Services Pvt Ltd

Interior Decoration in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune

Bro4u Online Services Pvt Ltd

Keep the sink small. Most kitchens overestimate the size of the sink and end up wasting a lot of space that could be used for something else. 

6. Light colours

KITCHEN VIEW 1: minimalistic Kitchen by MAD DESIGN



Light colours such as the ones used in the kitchen pictured here are perfect for small kitchens as they let them breathe properly. It also helps to keep the kitchen cool as small kitchens tend to get heated up faster.  

7. Windows

Although windows could possibly take up storage space in the kitchen, they are worth it and will actually make a small kitchen more comfortable and less hot inside. Ventilation fans are also very important.

8. Keep decorations to a minimum

Modular Kitchen  - Hand crafted Kitchen using Traditional Method by Carpenter:  Kitchen units by Enrich Interiors & Decors
Enrich Interiors & Decors

Modular Kitchen —Hand crafted Kitchen using Traditional Method by Carpenter

Enrich Interiors & Decors

Small kitchens are already struggling with space so keep decorations to a minimum. Use wall space for decoration or the fridge instead of taking up functional working space. 

9. Niches in the wall

ethnic kitchen : country Kitchen by ZERO9

ethnic kitchen


This ethnic Indian kitchen brings tradition and functionality to live with the brilliant idea of having beautiful arched niches in the wall. Place some nice traditional Indian pots there, and the result is a unique storage space for the pots which serves as a decoration as well. 

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas here. For more inspiration, have a look at 15 pictures of small kitchens to admire.

Which small kitchen design do you like best? 
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