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Stairway lighting—Tips to a shining staircase

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Lighting up your stairways the right way is just as important as lighting up the rest of your house. Stairs maybe a small area of your house and can be easily passed off as being purely functional. However, with the right lighting and colours, you can bring your stairs to life and literally, brighten you up with each step up or down. 

There are myriad options to choose from today when it comes to lighting up your stairs. Whether you prefer traditional wall lights, hanging pendant lights or the more classy mood lighting options, the choices available are endless. Some of our tips below are sure to help you get your stairs in full shine!

1. Make a good plan

It is best to pay attention to detail and start out with a proper plan before lighting up your stairways. You should work out what kind of light would best suit your stairs in terms of colours, brightness and patterns. Putting a little thought to this will get your stairs to seamlessly complement the rest of your house.

Start out with your budget and lighting requirement first and then move on to looking for options available that meet your needs. You can look up the internet for ideas and suggestions as well as product reviews once you have shortlisted what you would like. With all the ground work done and a good plan in hand, your stairs can look as beautiful as you imagined them to be.

2. Classic and stylish? Go for wall lights!

If you want to play it safe and go by the classical approach of wall lighting, you can still get your stairs to look good. You can space out the lights in such a way that it lights up the stairs well, leaving no dark or dim areas. Wall lights have moved on to be far from boring with numerous stylish options available to choose from.

And while we are talking about class and style, check out these designer quality Edison bulbs that you can use to add an antique touch to your home lighting.

3. Moody twilight? That's a good point!

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If you are human, then mood swings are bound to happen. Imagine how cool it would be to have your stair lights reflect your state of mind. You can set up the right kind of mood lighting to ensure it personifies your mood. You can control the color scheme and brightness according to your requirements (and mood!). Such lights not only add a sense of calm to your home, but also serve their main purpose of lighting up the stairs.

4. The proper shadows for ideal stair lights

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All light types can be tried out for your stairs, however the important point to note is that stair lights have an important functional role of lighting up the stairway well. Each step should be clearly visible and the right lighting needed for that should be selected. Lights can create beautiful patterns on the wall or floor. Care must be taken to ensure that the shadows and patterns created by your stair lights do not hinder visibility of the stairs. Selecting the right light can ensure it meets the purpose along with making your stairs look beautifully patterned.

5. Modern LED lights

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Exclusive Cantilever Floating staircase with LED Lights

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LED lighting has taken the market by storm. There's a lot of creative flexibility it offers. Be it focus lights, wall lights, pendant lights or under the stair lighting options as seen here, LED lighting can be used to create a unique effect in itself. You can give your stairs a complete generation next techno feel with the right mix of LED lights. Browse through this interesting ideabook to know more about LED lighting.

6. Make it colourful!

A little bit of colour everywhere ensures life is not dull and boring. Your stair lights are no exception. Coloured lights can transform your stairs into a bright and vibrant corner of your house. The light holders themselves can be chosen in colours that complement the colour of your walls or stairs. That apart, you can also select the colour of the light it emits and reflects on the stairs and walls. Your stairways can be completely transformed with a dash of colour.

Hopefully you are now equipped with all you need to know to light up your stairs. Go ahead and choose what ever best suits your pocket and stairway. You will be surprised to see your flight of stairs transform from dull to dapper, literally at the flick of a switch.

And now that you have got your stairs all well lit up, you may want to get inspired by some of our ideas for lighting up the rest of your home.

Which idea did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.
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