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What are the bedroom floor tiles options for Indian homes?

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Bedrooms are meant to be cosy places, so when it comes to bedroom floor tiles, most people choose wood as it feels warm to the feet, when one gets out of bed in the mornings. However, wood floors require a considerable amount of maintenance, especially in the hot and humid tropical climate that prevails in most parts of India. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are often overlooked as a material for bedroom tiles as they are cold under the feet, but they can be a durable and economical option for bedroom floors in Indian homes.

What is the role of tiles in bedroom designs in India?

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Purva Seasons 270—Bangalore

During the process of designing the bedroom, the furniture and wall decoration are given priority by most Indian interior designers. However, the floor should not be neglected. Besides being functional, the right floor tiles design can contribute to creating a well-coordinated look within the space. By choosing a tone or texture that matches the design theme, floor tiles can even become the highlight in a bedroom.

Nowadays, ceramic floor tiles come in a wide array of colours, patterns and finishes, including tiles that resemble wood planks and terra cotta tiles. Therefore, whether the preferred design theme is rustic, like for a farm house in New Delhi, or modern, like most apartments in cities like Mumbai, it’s easy to find a ceramic tile to suit the style.

If you are looking for flooring inspiration for a tiny bedroom, get ideas from these small bedroom designs.

What are the advantages of using ceramic floor tiles for bedrooms?

Master Bedroom:  Bedroom by Urban Shaastra
Urban Shaastra

Master Bedroom

Urban Shaastra

a. Besides being extremely versatile in terms of their ability to match any design theme, ceramic bedroom floor tiles are water-resistant and stain-proof, as they are glazed with a protective layer that prevents moisture from seeping through the surface. This makes them ideal for places that experience a high level of humidity, especially during the monsoons.

b. Ceramic or porcelain flooring tiles are extremely durable. Once they are installed using the right technique, they can last for a couple of decades with proper maintenance. Additionally, replacement is simple if a tile gets cracked or damaged.

c. They are easy to maintain as the surface of porcelain bedroom floor tiles can be mopped with cleaning products diluted with water.

d. The solid and smooth surface doesn’t attract dust, dirt or allergens from accumulating on the tiles, making them an ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies.

e. Additionally, these tiles are relatively cheaper than other bedroom flooring materials such as natural stone or hardwood.

f. The material is a good conductor of heat, making it suitable for ambient heating. This means that ceramic floor tiles for bedrooms can be installed with heating elements underneath to make the floor feel warm under the feet – ideal for places that need extra warmth during the winter months.

What are the cons of ceramic or porcelain flooring tiles?

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Creative Focus

Captain America theme

Creative Focus

a. Compared to wood, ceramic tiles are extremely hard, which makes them uncomfortable to stand on, but this can be remedied by placing rugs over the floor.

b. The process of installing ceramic floor tiles is long and cumbersome as it requires mortars, grouts and levelling. Unless these are done perfectly, the quality of the flooring can be affected. It’s vital to use professional tilers to get a high-quality porcelain or ceramic floor installed.

Are floor and wall tiles for bedrooms of the same quality?

Kids'/Guest Room (2nd Floor):  Bedroom by Ankit Goenka
Ankit Goenka

Kids'/Guest Room (2nd Floor)

Ankit Goenka

While floor and wall tiles are interchangeable in most cases, most reputed manufacturers such as Johnson tiles label their products differently based on the suitability of the finish for either the wall or the floor. The basic difference between the two surfaces lies in the Coefficient of Friction (COF). The surface of floor tiles needs to offer more friction to make them less slippery. The higher the COF rating, the better friction a floor tile offers.

Additionally, bear in mind that wall tiles are not as heavy-duty as floor tiles, which are manufactured to handle heavy foot traffic. So, while it’s all right to use floor tiles on the walls, it’s inadvisable to use wall tiles for the floor.

What are the different finishes in bedroom floor tiles designs?

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN:  Bedroom by MAD DESIGN

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN


The advantage of using ceramic tiles for the bedroom flooring is that they come in a variety of designs and finishes to suit any style.

Wood: For those who love the warmth and natural look of wood but want a more functional solution for the flooring material, porcelain tiles come in wood finishes in several tones, whether it’s a light tone for a Scandinavian-style bedroom or a darker teak-finish for a country-themed bedroom.

Natural stone: Porcelain flooring tiles also come in stone finishes such as marble and other natural stones. They are treated with an anti-skid finish to prevent accidents resulting from slipping on the surface. For homeowners who like the luxurious look of natural stone, porcelain tiles in a similar finish are a more affordable alternative.

Terracotta: For rustic or country-style bedrooms, ceramic tiles with a terra cotta finish are ideal. They appear identical to the gorgeous earthy red finish of original terra cotta clay tiles.

Printed: Porcelain or ceramic tiles aren’t restricted to monotones. Some of them include beautiful multi-coloured patterns that are printed on the surface before the final glazing. These lovely patterned tiles can add a decorative element to the bedroom.

3D or digital: A new trend in Indian homes, 3D floor tiles for bedrooms are gaining popularity owing to the unique ambiance they create, making the floor appear like a large artwork. They are perfect for children’s bedrooms for creating whimsical themes, whether it’s an ocean floor or a garden effect.

What is the range of ceramic floor tiles prices in India?

MASTER BEDROOM:  Bedroom by A Design Studio
A Design Studio


A Design Studio

Ceramic tiles are one of the cheapest options for bedroom flooring. The price per square feet of these tiles can vary significantly depending on the quality and strength of the tile, the finish and the pattern.

Basic ceramic tiles: For single-toned floor tiles, the prices differ based on the finish. Matte tiles average INR 30 per square foot, while glossy tiles are slightly more expensive, priced at INR 50 per sq. ft. on an average.

Wood finish: Once again, the prices vary depending upon the thickness of the tile and the quality of the finish. They are available from a starting price of INR 30 per sq. ft. Ceramic tiles are generally cheaper than porcelain ones, which are tougher and more durable.

Stone finish: These tiles come in a wide array of finishes, including marble and granite among others. The type of tile (plain or vitrified), colour and quality affect the price. The prices of stone finish ceramic tiles range from as low as INR 50 per sq. ft. to a high of INR 210 per sq. ft. on an average.

Printed tiles: Printed floor tiles are marginally costlier than the plain versions. The prices start from INR 35 per square foot.

3D or digital tiles: These tiles are among the most expensive option for bedroom tiles. On an average, they cost around INR 250 per sq. ft., but this can vary depending upon the number of colours and how elaborate the design is.

For installing bedroom floor tiles that last for many years, it’s always advisable to use a professional contractor or tiler, who doesn’t cut corners, whether it’s for laying the flooring or using high-quality materials. Hiring a reputed interior designer will ensure that you get the most reliable contractor to work with.

For evaluating the various flooring materials for your house, read about the best flooring ideas for Indian homes.

Which type of tiles do you think are ideal for bedrooms? Leave a comment about interesting bedroom tiles you have seen.
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