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An Oasis of Colonial Style: Villa Azul in Goa

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Traditional Goan style is replete with Colonial and other Portuguese touches – but it must not be confused with the typical style of the Raj. What sets this style apart is the touch of whimsical that takes it to a level befitting the beach-like environs it has evolved in.

Goan style architecture effectively brings in hints of sandy coloured finishes, textures that take inspiration from the stretches of sand abundant in this region. The furniture is comfy and less straight jacket in style, with dreams of meeting modernity. The Villa Azul in Goa has been rendered tastefully by the innovative minds at Studio Momo. And what is the result? Simply breathtaking!

Wrapped Around a Courtyard, Concealing Myriad Delights

This beautiful villa is wrapped around a central courtyard. The space is a union of open skies and shaded corridors. The terracotta roof tops make for a charming cottage-like look even as an expansive feel is rendered, thanks to the use of stone and greenery. Plants set in heavy pots dot the space. Inside, a solid wooden staircase and open verandas, corridors and suites, are the many hidden delights that one will never get tired of exploring.

Perfection in Every Nook and Corner

Slanting roof tops that make for prism like ceilings as well as open spaces for seating – these are a few of our favourite things! The many delights of this home include nooks and verandas where one can sit and gaze out at the horizon.

The mainly open plan of the villa makes it easy to find a comfortable corner and enjoy a new view from each one. The colonial style reclining chairs are typically Goan, with slim legs as well as sturdy cane seats and backs merged into one sleek, old school pattern. The floors enjoy a play of interesting patterns, while the solid wooden pillars are given the company of simple lattice work. Greenery is a running theme that envelopes each corner.

Living It Up in Classy Environs

Circular tables bear the hallmark of cosy family time and Goan heritage which is replete with laid back togetherness – a favourite evening activity in most homes here. A circular table with simple upholstered chairs in a sandy colour lie to one side of the main living area, while arches lead you into another living room done up in pops of colour. Large French windows and folding doors as well as carved works of art make for interesting touches.

Pristine White to the Rescue

A hint of a Greek vacation comes through in this divine looking bedroom that makes you forget packed itineraries and begs you to just be. The predominantly seaside white theme is a welcome departure from the otherwise modern bone white shade that most minimalist homes employ.

The pretty blue patterned flooring brings the beach in, while colonial touches are replete in the sandpapered look of the furniture. Don’t miss the clever play of colours in the loops of the curtains, the bureau, the chairs, the wall art, and even the tiles on the quaint table in the centre of the room.

Old Meets New and a Pop of the English Countryside

As promised, this is one of the many delights hidden in the villa. Traditional glass paintings adorn the ornate cupboard, while a slat ridden colonial style sliding door stands waiting for your attention. The simple white desk with a classy chrome lamp and striped fabric on the old fashioned chair make for some English countryside appeal. A winning look indeed!

Cool Aqua Touches in the Bedroom

Subtle touches of turquoise and white are met with a bold mustard work of art in this pretty bedroom. A stone sink and simple mirror complete the aqua look in this suite! Lime green drapes and sofa cushions are refreshing too.

This breezy home is a fusion of modern touches and typical Goan style of design and décor. The villa has been fashioned on the lines of a whimsical old school bungalow, and the simple yet artistic environs within bring it to life! For more inspirations, feel free to take a look at this ideabook – Vintage style with a colonial touch.

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