6 Amazing things you can do with a dead tree

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Wooden furniture and accessories lend a home a distinct rustic feel. But most people these days opt for processed wood furniture. However, real rustic beauty lies in furniture made out of dead trees with very little change to the original dead wood. Do you have a dead tree in your backyard you would like to put to good use? Well here are some ideas to use that dead tree in your home in a chic way that will add an eclectic or rustic touch to your home.

Rustic living room decor with dead wood

A simple way to utilise a whole dead tree is to create a rustic living room with dead wood. You can fashion out anything from wooden beams and stairs for the mezzanine like the one's here, to shelves, side tables or even a wooden decorative table on wheels out of a single dead tree. A carpenter and a coat of varnish can turn your dead tree into beautiful rustic furniture for your home. Are you ready to give it a try?

Kids magical bedroom—A whole dead tree in their room

The best way to use a dead tree is to use all of it, and a simple way to do that is to incorporate an entire dead tree in your home. A whole tree may look odd in other rooms, but a child's room is the one place where a dead tree can look both magical and be a fun thing to play with. If properly put a dead tree like the one here designed by TABARY LE LAY can become the most fun part of a child's room. However, before putting it make sure the tree's texture is smoothened out and all the rough edges are cut so that kids don't get hurt accidentally.

Dead tree Headboard

If the whole tree is not at your disposable, or not in a usable condition, but you still want to use a major part of a dead tree, you can always create a headboard for your bed out of it. A smoothened, polished portion of a dead tree with uneven edges can become an exotic headboard which will particularly stand out in a white, cream or pastel coloured bedroom.

Dead tree + Glass = A beautiful table

What do you get when you combine a dead tree stub and glass? Well a stunning table like this one designed by WOODSTONEBALI. You can add pebbles, sand or even lights below the glass to give it an interesting twist. If you have little kids and an unevenly shaped coffee table like this one seems a little unsafe, you can opt for a safe coffee table like this one made out of a single log of dead wood and a rectangular sheet of glass.

Dead tree in the bathroom

Dead trees can be used in the bathroom too. Be it a rugged rustic sink, or a wall mounted shelf fashioned out of a few branches of the tree, or a thin shelf carved out of the trunk of the tree, different parts of a dead tree can all be used in a bathroom. Also don't bother varnishing the dead wood in the bathroom as water will anyways wear it off eventually.

Partition or railings made of dead wood

And finally dead wood can be used to make wooden partitions at home or even as railings around stairs. Whether you opt for a polished evenly cut wooden divider or an uneven, unpolished home made look like that of the wooden railing here, your dead tree won't go to waste. If you want to give your entire home a rustic makeover, check out these 6 rustic home decor ideas.

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