11 smart ideas to save space at home

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Small homes often get cramped up and the lack of space often affects the harmonious atmosphere of the house. However there are several effective ideas and designs which can help to make more space, even in a studio apartment. We've compiled some excellent tips based on the interior designs of local experts in India. The ideas below range from basic stuff like wall shelving, wall cupboards and the multi-functional furniture to more custom-made space-saving interior designs. Certain preventive measures or things to avoid are also listed below. Not to worry, there is something for every taste and budget at homify. Let's check it out shall we? 

1. Wall shelving

TV unit with display : modern Living room by NVT Quality Build solution
NVT Quality Build solution

TV unit with display

NVT Quality Build solution

One of the most space-effective ways of decorating the living room without using unnecessary space is to install wall shelving. This can also help to highlight and enhance the focal wall. For more inspiration, here are 6 shelving ideas for a home.

2. Cupboards at the top of the wall

BEDROOM VIEW 4: modern Bedroom by MAD DESIGN



Cupboards and storage usually take up most of the space at home. However installing cupboards at the top of the wall can save loads of space. They will also make the walls less bare. For more inspiration, please refer to our article titled 7 closet ideas for small homes.

3. Mandir instead of a puja room

TV and Puja unit: modern Living room by NVT Quality Build solution

Most small homes can't afford to make space for a whole puja room. A mandir is the best way to go in this case. Here are 10 mandir designs for small Indian homes.

4. Two-tiered coffee table

Residence at Rohini, New Delhi: modern Living room by Design Essentials
Design Essentials

Residence at Rohini, New Delhi

Design Essentials

Even a small piece of furniture like the coffee table can make a difference, as even the little space you save here and there can add up to a lot more free space. Two-tiered coffee tables are the way to go for the living room as you can use it to store things. 

5. Bunk beds with hidden storage underneath

Residential Interior Projects: modern Nursery/kid’s room by deZinebox

Residential Interior Projects


For the children's room, bunks beds with hidden storage underneath is one of the most effective ways of saving space. It will also keep the bedroom nice and tidy, with plenty of room to store away toys, books clothes and bedding. 

6. Studio apartment design

Above bed - below study  : rustic Nursery/kid’s room by NVT Quality Build solution
NVT Quality Build solution

Above bed—below study

NVT Quality Build solution

This design is perfect for studio apartments as it raises the bed out of the way from the rest of the home. The space underneath the bed can be converted into a study or home office. Try to fit in as many shelves and cupboards as you can. 

7. Make use of the headboard

Independent Villa - Pune: modern Bedroom by DECOR DREAMS

Independent Villa—Pune


The headboard of the bed doesn't necessarily only have to serve aesthetic purposes, it can also be functional. Install a few wall shelves to create more room for storing things and also decorations. 

8. Bed with storage

Amanora Park Pune - Pent House: modern Bedroom by DECOR DREAMS

Amanora Park Pune—Pent House


Multi-functional furniture like beds with storage space can save lots of space. Of course, you can also store things under a regular bed, but keeping the bedroom dust-free and clean will be more challenging. Here are 18 multi-functional furniture for small homes.

9. Seat with storage

Living Room: modern Living room by DECOR DREAMS

Living Room


How about a window seat which also serves the purpose of storage? Or better still and old, solid trunk which can be converted into a seat. 

10. Bookshelf under the stairs

multiple storage :  Stairs by NVT Quality Build solution

The area under the stairs is one of the most important spaces in the house which should not be neglected when trying to optimize space. There are many creative ideas of this space can be used—it could provide room for a bookshelf, cupboards, a mandir or even a small indoor garden. Here are 28 ways to make a small garden under the stairs.

11. Built-in bookshelf at the entrance




For bibliophiles and bookworms, there is often never enough space in the home for books. However pictured here is one very effective solution—a creative bookshelf which has been built into an indentation in the wall, creating interesting shapes and niches. Who wouldn't want to show off such a wonderful piece of interior design at the entrance? 

We hope you've been inspired by the ideas here. For more ideas like these, have a look at 10 open kitchen designs for small homes. Enjoy! 

Which space-saving idea do you like the best? 
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