14 modular wadrobe ideas your bedroom needs today

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Modular wardrobes have gained immense popularity in modern times due to its high utility and convenience it brings with it. Basically modular wardrobes are segmented units which are made to order; customized and then assembled to fit to customer’s need. Our bedrooms usually have two main furniture, bed and wardrobe. But before you decide to get your modular wardrobe installed in your bedroom, there are a few essential things you should know about it. Today we are here to enlighten about the humble wardrobe which no longer is just a piece of furniture of your bedroom. In fact it has become a piece of décor. Have a look!

​1. Glam quotient of your room

Girl's Bedroom view 3 Inside Element
Inside Element

Girl's Bedroom view 3

Inside Element

Modular wardrobe is a refined version of our good old closet made by neighbourhood carpenter. It comes with a glamourous appeal and lot more functionality to make our life more comfortable and organized. It can change the entire décor of the room by its mere presence. In fact keep it wall to wall and floor to ceiling and it will be a decoration on the wall.

​2. Different types of wardrobe

The main furniture in our bedroom is bed and wardrobe. Finding the right bed is quite simple. You just have to select the one that suit your style and comfort. But with wardrobe, we have to consider everything-style, comfort, functionality, space, décor and even the future. Let’s have a look at the types of modular wardrobes so that you can choose the right one according to your décor, need and style.

​3. Full panel wardrobe

Durga Petals 302 designasm STUDIO Modern study/office
designasm STUDIO

Durga Petals 302

designasm STUDIO

As the name suggest, full panel wardrobes cover the entire wall of the room. It has sufficient space to keep all your stuffs organized. Depending on the space available in your bedroom you can go for built-in or walk-in wardrobe.

​4. Sliding door wardrobe

Keerthi residence designasm STUDIO Modern dressing room
designasm STUDIO

Keerthi residence

designasm STUDIO

In modern homes, sliding door wardrobe has become immensely popular mainly because of its compact design, elegant look and space saving in small rooms. Juts slide the door of your closet and claim the space of the room for your comfort.

​5. Walk-in wardrobe

Walk stylishly behind the sliding, hinged or folding doors to get dressed in your walk-in wardrobe. This wardrobe is built on a wall and is kept protected behind the curtain or doors.

​6. Inside the wardrobe

Basant Park - Chembur Aesthetica Modern dressing room

Basant Park—Chembur


How you section the wardrobe and what you want is entirely on you. Shelves, hangers, drawers, long sections to hang long clothes, shorter ones for short clothes, shoe shelves, accessories section… do a bit of brainstorming and make a list of your requirements before you order your modular wardrobe. You can always modulate your modular according to your needs. So even if you missed something, rectify your mistake.

7. Materials to choose from

With the revolutionary technology invading home décor and the artificial natural looking materials available in the market, all we need is to decide on our budget and rest of the thing will be taken care for. Just know about the materials you can choose from.

​8. Wooden wardrobe

Wood is will always remain the first preference of us Indians. But with our environment in danger, let’s protect are trees and look for some artificial substitute which is pocket-friendly and fashionable too.

​9. Pre-laminated particle board

It is an engineered wood which is made from wood shavings, sawdust and chips of wood. The particle board is pre-laminated to make it strong and moisture resistant. Choose the one which goes with the décor of the room and make a stylish statement with it.

10. Medium density fibre (MDF)

It is another type of engineered wood made by pasting together recycled fibres of wood. This is stronger than particle boards since they are created under high pressure and temperature. It is cheaper than plywood and weather resistant too.

​11. Boiling waterproof wood (BWP)

Residence homify Eclectic style bedroom



Crafted by humans in the factory by binding together thin layers of wood with a special type of resis, Phonol Formaldehyde, this is heat and waterproof and can perfectly suit your style and budget. Cover it with laminates or veneers to match the décor of your room.

​12. Mirror on the face

To make your room sophisticated and feel roomy, give your wardrobe a mirror finish. Mirror can be fitted in any type of materials and in any style of wardrobe. Instead of going for lamination or veneers, you can always opt for mirror. It looks classy!

13. Wardrobe- a complete furniture

Wardrobe with window seating with a storage below in the bedroom Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern style bedroom
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio

Wardrobe with window seating with a storage below in the bedroom

Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio

A modular wardrobe in your room is not just a closet, but it is complete furniture made to order keeping in mind the design of your room and your requirements. So before ordering for a wardrobe, know the measurement of your room properly. Then measure the wall from floor to ceiling and wall to wall in which you are planning your wardrobe. Also check out for any specific feature like the switch boards, window, door, columns, etc. on the wall. Wardrobe should be placed in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the movement in the room.

14. Merging with the decor

Style your wardrobe in such a way that it just merges with the décor of the room and join together with other walls and furniture to make your bedroom look amazingly beautiful.

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