The Kitchenette :  Kitchen by Urban Shaastra

How can I make my small kitchen more efficient?

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Kitchens are one of the busiest areas in a house, and when you have a small kitchen, unless everything is designed for increasing efficiency, it can make the space look cluttered, taking away some of the joy you experience in interacting with your family and friends while cooking. A well-designed kitchen comprises several features that distract from the size of the area. These include storage, workspace and an efficient layout, among other things. If you are designing a new kitchen or giving your old one a makeover, these tips, which include small kitchen ideas on a budget, will help you to get things right.

1. Why open shelves are a good idea for small kitchens

The Kitchenette :  Kitchen by Urban Shaastra
Urban Shaastra

The Kitchenette

Urban Shaastra

All small rooms benefit from storage as it makes the space look clutter-free and well-organized. While closed kitchen cabinets have the advantage of hiding the clutter behind doors, in a small kitchen, open shelves help not only to make the most of the space but also to give the kitchen an airier feel. You don’t need a big budget to fix open shelves to increase the storage in the kitchen.

2. Small kitchen ideas – bright lighting




Lighting is a key element in making a small room look larger by eliminating shadows and dark corners. When designing the lighting for small kitchens, make sure you use a combination of natural and artificial light sources. While there’s nothing to beat the refreshing feel of sunlight during the day, remember to install bright LED lights that brighten up countertops and other workspaces at night.

3. Efficient work triangle – an essential in a small kitchen

Lodha Project:  Kitchen by VT architects
VT architects

Lodha Project

VT architects

The layout of a tiny kitchen should allow for comfortable movement within the space as well as easy accessibility to ingredients and utensils, when you cook. A triangle layout of the stove, sink and refrigerator is ideal for improving the efficiency of work flow in a small kitchen. Additionally, ensure that you have easy access to counter space beside the refrigerator and on both sides of the stove for placing things.

Consult a kitchen planner to design your work space.

4. Small kitchen design – vertical stacking

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN:  Kitchen by MAD DESIGN

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN


Whether it’s installing the clothes dryer above the washing machine or the oven on top of the microwave, this helps to optimize the utilization of space in small kitchens. Try to build cabinets or shelves from the floor to the ceiling so that you don’t run out of storage.

5. Small kitchen storage ideas to optimize space

Modern Style Kitchen :  Kitchen by Nishtha interior
Nishtha interior

Modern Style Kitchen

Nishtha interior

Another solution for making the most of every inch in a small kitchen is to install rails with hooks on the empty walls. You can hang pots, pans and other accessories from them. This way, you will have easy access to everything and can keep the counters uncluttered.

Get inspired by these clever kitchen storage ideas.

6. Neutral tones for making small kitchens spacious

Shriyans Apartment Pune - Mr Ashish:  Kitchen by DECOR DREAMS

Shriyans Apartment Pune—Mr Ashish


In any space, light or neutral shades help to increase the amplitude of the area. In a small kitchen, using white and other neutral colours such as grey or beige will bring an airier feel to the room. It’s all right to use a bright shade in a small section so long as it doesn’t overpower the space.

7. The importance of organized storage in small kitchens

In any kitchen, and more so in a small one, it’s vital to organize the space behind the cabinet doors, so that you can find things easily. A clever way to do this in a small kitchen is to install pull out systems with wire racks inside drawers and cabinets. Similarly, crockery drawers with compartments help to keep everything organized so you don’t have to rummage through the mess to find a ladle or a whisk.

8. Door design for small kitchens




If your kitchen is enclosed, then the design of the door can make a big difference in the ease of movement within the room. In a small kitchen, where space is precious, having a door that opens inward into the space can be a hindrance. Instead consider installing a door that opens outward. Alternatively, sliding doors are a space-saving solution in a tiny kitchen.

9. Open layouts for small kitchens

One of the best ways to make a tiny kitchen look more spacious is by merging it with other rooms such as the dining room or the living area. Many modern homes follow this layout, but if your home doesn’t, it’s easy to achieve this by breaking down a wall. Additionally, clever use of the space by building an open counter that can double up as a bar, or installing cabinets that can be accessed from the outer side of the room help to smoothen the work flow in small kitchens.

Find more tips on how to make your small kitchen appear larger.

10. How to increase workspace in a small kitchen

Industrial style apartment:  Kitchen by AT The Studio
AT The Studio

Industrial style apartment

AT The Studio

With storage space being prioritized in tiny kitchens, often there is a shortage of counter space when you need to work. Designing folding or retractable counters is an excellent solution for increasing the workspace in small kitchens. That way, they can be pulled out when you need the extra space and put back at other times so that the kitchen doesn’t look cramped.

11. Small kitchen design ideas on a budget

Interior Designs:  Kitchen by Interiorwalaa

Interior Designs


Giving your kitchen a small makeover doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Sometimes all it needs is additional storage in the form of open shelves or a rail with hooks. These are DIY solutions that are cheap to implement. Another idea is to modernize the internal systems of your kitchen cabinets by replacing shelves with pull out steel racks. For corner cabinets in a small kitchen get a lazy Susan-like system that rotates or a swing-out rack so that you can access things easily.

12. How to minimize clutter in a small kitchen




Clutter is your biggest enemy in a tiny kitchen as it makes the room appear small and cramped. Additionally, placing too many things on the counters makes it difficult to clean the space well. Storage and organization is the key to eliminating clutter from a small kitchen. The lack of space shouldn’t hinder you from getting creative and thinking up innovative ways to arrange everything neatly. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

a. A trolley with wheels and racks for storing dishes or crockery can be rolled out to the dining area to make space in the kitchen when you need to work.

b. Storage baskets are versatile for arranging things in small kitchens. You can use them for fruits and vegetables, cutlery or even spices.

c. Don’t neglect the space under wall cabinets. You can use it to fix floating racks or get more creative and screw on the lids of glass bottles underneath. All you need to do is fill up the glass bottles with ingredients and fit them into the stationary caps. This can be a lovely way to display your spices.

d. Stackable utensils are ideal for small kitchens as they save space in drawers and cabinets.

Designing a small kitchen doesn’t have to limit your creativity. Think out of the box to come up with unique solutions that are perfect for your space. Alternatively, you can work with a professional interior designer or kitchen planner to optimize the space utilization in your kitchen. Besides advising you about the pros and cons of each type of storage you can use, a professional can help to customize the design of your kitchen based on your lifestyle and needs.

Which of these ideas will you try in your kitchen? Leave a comment.
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