11 grill designs for the balcony and terrace

Balcony Design, Greater Noida H5 Interior Design Rustic style balcony, veranda & terrace Wood effect
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In modern homes, its bliss to sit in our balcony and enjoy the openness of the space it offers. Small or big, this small terrace or balcony becomes the favourite adda for family; especially when monsoon has set in and it’s time for steaming hot chai-pakoda and gossip in the comfort of our balcony. However, along with the comfort what matters the most for us is the safety of our family. To keep them safe it becomes necessary to have grills or walls covering the balcony without compromising on the aesthetics of the space.

Today our designers have come up with stylish ideas to protect your balcony with grills and walls. Have a look!

​1. Simplicity of straight lines

Simple design of grills with straight lines is made exquisite with the row of planters hanging to add green element to it. The height of the grill is sufficiently high keeping in mind the safety of the children of house.

​2. Graphical representation of patterns

Lattice work on metal on one side and weaves of rattan on the other merges to create a beautiful protection guarding the privacy too.

​3. Boxes of squares

Vertical and horizontal crisscross to make a perfect square fixed over half wall is enough to make it a beautiful grill around the terrace defining its boundary.

​4. Behind the green veil

Terrace Garden Design Studio Machaan Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio Machaan

Terrace Garden Design

Studio Machaan

It’s beautiful with intricate lattice work in metal, jali behind it and then climbers covering it and forming a green vertical garden to protect the privacy of the space and make it green and Eco-friendly.

​5. Horizontal lines of bar

Outdoor seating homify Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

Outdoor seating


Horizontal simple steel bars running through the boundary of the terrace in simple way. In this steel grill design, the professionals have fixed the bars in such a way that it is forming a beautiful curve.

​6. Dancing grills in colour

Curvaceous twist and turns of grills in colour complements the colour of the home. Its traditional look is attractive and eye-catching.

​7. Glass of steel

View fromLiving Hall Balcony homify Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

View fromLiving Hall Balcony


The strength of steel and elegance of glass, the beauty of this combination is in its shine and contrast.

​8. Simplicity in minimalism

Modern décor emphasises in simplicity and minimal look and feel. Weaving on the wall and golden curvy bar running all along it; it’s simple and stunning.

9. Mishmash of the metal

Apartment in Bandra Karyam Designs Minimalist balcony, veranda & terrace Tiles Beige
Karyam Designs

Apartment in Bandra

Karyam Designs

Horizontal bars supported by vertical ones at regular intervals and mishmash of the metal protecting it from outside; it’s simple yet sophisticated.

​10. Conventional grids

It’s a common design and style, the grill made of wrought iron, which can easily be located in many of the balconies. However, bring in your style in conventional grids with unconventional choice of the balcony furniture.

​11. Delicate curves on the top

Balcony Design, Greater Noida H5 Interior Design Rustic style balcony, veranda & terrace Wood effect
H5 Interior Design

Balcony Design, Greater Noida

H5 Interior Design

Long iron bars shooting straight up from the floor and then forming delicate curves on the top will be admired for its simple and elegant design. Row of flowering plants in pots at the bottom is creating a perfect setting for romantic time when it rains.

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Few more interesting grill designs

For those who want to give an artistic twist to the balcony grill, this design can be an ideal choice. In this balcony grill design, you can see how small textured metal blocks and wide glass panels have been arranged one after the other to create a unique look and to complement the minimalist setting of the balcony. On taking a closer look, you can see the intricate carvings on the blocks that make the whole design even more attractive.

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN MAD Design Balcony
MAD Design

Apartment Project @Palm terrace drives by MAD DESIGN

MAD Design

Are you looking for a versatile grill design for the balcony or terrace? The one in this image can be a smart choice. Here, the vertical metal bars have been used to strengthen the whole grill and offer proper support to those sitting on the wooden bench attached to the grill. Also, the sleek steel wires arranged in a cross-hatch pattern cover the vertical bars, adding to the smart design.

Which idea inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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