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8 tips to keep your home free from insects and moths


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You are really fortunate if your house has never been invaded by moths. However, not everyone is as lucky as you. They are a real trouble once they invade your house. Moths belong to the same family as that of butterfly. Since they belong to the same family, there are a few similarities between them. But they are fairly different too from each other. The greatest difference is that while we all love and appreciate butterflies and love to chase them; we dread and loathe moths and work to chase them away from our house.

Apart from looks, butterflies are more active during day flying from one flower to other; moths are active in night. Other difference is that while butterflies are colourful and delicate with long antennas; moths are robust and hairy with small antennas and their wings are thicker and colourless and opaque. Today in this ideabook we will know in detail about this enemy of our home and learn how to deal with it. Have a look!

​1. The reason behind the appearance of moths

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The cracks of the house or in furniture are the perfect nesting ground of the moths. These cracks are usually dark inside since less light reaches there. So it becomes breeding ground for the moths. The two ideal conditions for moths to appear and grow to create havoc in your home are cracks and low light. Fill up the cracks to get rid of it and eliminate them. 

Having flowering plants inside the home is another attraction for the moths. There are some species that feed on nectar of flowers in some stage of their growth. Since they are getting their food right in the comfort of your home, then they will surely love to make it their home too.

Sometimes they enter your home hidden in flour or grains that you brought from the grocery stores. They could also enter through the fabric that you changed in your home. In that case you are the one who have brought the trouble home.

​2. Wood and fabrics are in danger

A few of the species of moth feed on fabrics and wood. Proper care is essential to prevent it from attacks of moth. Wash the clothes properly and air the cupboards regularly. If the clothes have been in the cupboards for long, take it out and keep in sunlight for a couple of hours.

​3. They feast on books too

Keep your library clean and clear or it will be attacked by moths. Moths love to feast on books. Dust the books regularly. The dust settled on top of the books attracts moths.

​4. Types or species of moths that exist

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There are many species of moths out there in our environment, but we will talk about the ones that are trouble makers in our home and life.

Moth of the grains- It feed their larva on all type of grains that we usually store in our pantry. So it is important to store the grains in small air tight containers.

Moth of potatoes- As the name suggest, it attack the potato and herbaceous plants. Apart from destroying crops in the field it can enter the home through your vegetable shopping.

Moth of clothes- No points for guessing it right! These moths love their larvae to develop and feed on the clothes. So it’s the larva and not the insect that destroys your clothes. It is not confined to just clothes. They can also invade wool, silk and leather too.

Moth of carpet- It’s again a favourite ground for germs and insects to grow. They feed their larvae on your precious carpet, hidden from your eyes.

Moth of books- It is a nightmare for every book lover. However, it is a reality that if your bookshelves are not cleaned and aired regularly, the risk of larvae feeding on it is quite high.

​5. Steps to keep check in your kitchen

Follow these four steps diligently to keep your kitchen free from any insect infestation: inspection, identification, cleaning and treatment.

Keep an eye in your kitchen for any sign of insect infestation. Check every corner and even the dry foods like flour, pulses, rice, cookies… If you found any food items infested, seal it in a pouch and throw it outside, far away from your home. 

Clean your kitchen intensely. Every surface, each corner, all shelves, floors, walls and even the utensils and make sure that you have eliminated every eggs and larvae of the insects. Clean it with water and vinegar for better result.

Dry everything after cleaning.Remember, moistures attract insects.

Spread bay leaves on the shelves and corners. It is a home remedy to keep the insects away.

​6. Actions to be taken to protect your home

Keep the raw fruits and vegetables and dry food items in sealed airtight pack. Prevention is always better than cure. If you find traces of insects in kitchen, turn into action mode and clean it properly.

Wash, clean and iron your clothes before keeping in it in cupboards. Used and dirty clothes are the perfect breeding ground of the insects. Avoid keeping it in the cupboards. Like the clothes, your cupboards should also be clean and dry. It is recommended to keep your woollens and silks in sealed bags.

Moths leave their larvae to feed on the spots where household dusts tend to gather. So, vacuum clean your carpets, sofa covers and curtains frequently. Change and wash the beddings too regularly.

​7. Homemade hacks to eliminate them

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Cut lemon skin in spiral shape and hang it in your cupboards. Apart from keeping the moths away it is also a natural deodorizer.

If you don’t want to use the naphthalene balls, then don’t. Instead of it keep rosemary, thyme, mint and eucalyptus in the cupboard. You can also keep ground pepper together with cinnamon and cloves.

Cedar wood is very effective in keeping the moths away. To make it more effective you can keep a bag with cedar with springs of mint, lavender flowers and fresh bay leaves.

​8. Moth is not dangerous to human

Luckily, moths are not dangerous to people. They can harm your clothes, crops, food, wood, etc. but not you.

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Do you have any other information to share about moth? Please let us know.
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