10 ideas for a small and modern kitchen

SNN Raj Serenity, 3 BHK - Mr. Ramprasath DECOR DREAMS Built-in kitchens
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In this fast pace world where time is the most precious thing, it’s bliss to have small comfortable home where everyone and every room is connected. We completely agree that it is challenging to make the small space comfortable and functional. But for the team of talented designers nothing is difficult. Today, we have come up with 10 amazing ideas of making the small kitchens of small homes comfortable in a modern way. From the layout to storage, from materials to colour… each aspect of designs contribute equally to make the kitchen elegant and comfortable. Have a look and get inspired!

​1. Luxury in the shape of L

Modular Kitchen - Baner DECOR DREAMS Kitchen units

Modular Kitchen—Baner


Layout of small kitchen in the shape of L is perfect if you want your kitchen to look spacious and feel roomy.   Pushed toward the wall and corner, this layout leaves enough space for free movement in the rest of the space. With handle-free cabinets, make it look modern. You can also use the empty space as family’s dining area.

​2. Universal appeal of the shape U

SNN Raj Serenity, 3 BHK - Mr. Ramprasath DECOR DREAMS Built-in kitchens

SNN Raj Serenity, 3 BHK—Mr. Ramprasath


If you want to have more storage right in your kitchen all within your reach, then U is the shape for you. Each arm can hold different kitchen essentials and you can also comfortably separate the wet form the dry area. Division of work will work well in this shape and kitchen will not be cramped even with multiple working hand in hand.

​3. Practicality of parallel kitchen

Acrylic Kitchen Soft Close Shutters - Origami Spaces(Origamispaces.com) Origami Space Design Kitchen units
Origami Space Design

Acrylic Kitchen Soft Close Shutters—Origami Spaces(Origamispaces.com)

Origami Space Design

This layout of parallel kitchen is quiet practical in its approach. It leaves the middle section open and clear to roam round while the counter and cabinets on the sides helps in keeping the kitchen working and organized.

​4. All along the wall

When the kitchen is small, sometimes when only the walls are available, the smartness is in turning that wall into a beautifully designed modern kitchen. In a small family, it becomes convenient to integrate the kitchen with the rest of the social space and enjoy the family even when cooking for the family.

​5. Splendour of smart kitchen

It’s relaxing! Cook together, eat together and the gossip together; meal time is the best way to spend time with family. Integrate the dining room with kitchen and bring in the breakfast bar cum dining table in the kitchen. Rest of the space can be used for kitchen counter and cabinets. Make your kitchen smart and enjoy its splendour.

6. Creating a creative storage

A small kitchen doesn’t restrict your imagination. In fact it challenges your creativity. Be creative and design the cabinets in such a way that it can be used from every side. Use every inch of the space available judiciously and make it comfortably functional.

​7. Creatively colourful

Colour your kitchen bright and beautiful and take an away from its length and breadth. It’s a simple hack of making a small space stand out. Believe us; the brightness of colourful fixture will take your breath away every time you walk in.

​8. Credibility of the corner

Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen Designs homify Asian style kitchen Plywood

Contemporary L Shaped Kitchen Designs


Every nook and corner of a small kitchen should be made useful. Actually we cannot afford to waste space in kitchen. Modular kitchens have lots of options available for the corner. However, take a clue from here and you can even use the corner of the counter-top.

9. Stylishness in layers

The materials used to build the kitchen also define its style and comfort. In a small kitchen, we need lots of storage space to keep it organized. Add the layers of cabinet, but in style and different colours. It will add depth into the space. Wood and white in combination of dark glass looks fashionably chic. Go for it!

​10. Openness of the open kitchen

Modern family living in modern homes prefer to have an open kitchen. The openness of the integrated space makes the kitchen spacious and a part of the home. Now the decorations of the space depend on you and your imagination or lift up the idea of the designer and make it youthful and modern.

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Which one of these idea inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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