8 awesome colours for the facade of your home

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The facade of a home sets the tone for the rest of the house.Therefore the colours you choose for the exterior walls are just as important as the colours you choose for the interior walls. Although it doesn't necessarily have to match, there should be some continuation in the design in terms of tonality, hue and contrast. The facade is also the first impression of your home, and we all know how important first impressions are. Today we would like to show you some brilliant choices of colour for the exterior which have been used in Indian homes designed by local architects and interior designers. We have also included links and tags which may be helpful. 

1. Multiple shades of red and beige

Using multiple shades of contrasting colours together can have a very rich and interesting effect. Not only does it give the facade plenty of colour, it also attracts more attention because of the tonality and the hues, which gives the house texture and lots of feel. Combining two different colours with white is your best bet. 

2. Cosy maroon

Dark romantic colours like maroon come with a lot of feel and can instantly make your home seem more cosy. This colour is best for big houses with wide surface areas and should always be combined with a neutral colour such as white. Pictured here we can see that the maroon facade has a framing in white, which gives it contrast and makes it stand out more. 

3. The earthy red bricks

Frone Verandah homify Wooden houses Bricks

Frone Verandah


Going natural and earthy is easy, and you can do it without the use of wall paint. Omitting the use of wall paint and using red bricks will also give the walls of your home more texture and personality. Many modern homes with an industrial design style or rustic style use red bricks for the facade. 

4. Bright blue and yellow

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Urban Shaastra

Pre-Fab Farmhouse

Urban Shaastra

Although the home pictured here is far from complete, one can see how the vibrant bright blue colour of the exterior walls and the windows framed in yellow makes this home outstanding and striking. It's a good colour choice for a countryside home surrounded by the greens and blues of nature. For more inspiration, please refer to our article titled Italian country style for Indian homes.

5. Mustard and dark brown

The colours of autumn can be very soothing and relaxing. These colours are better suited for those trying to create a warm ambiance which is earthy and natural. The trick is getting the ratio of colours right—too much dark brown will make your home seem dark and unwelcoming. For more ideas, please have a look at 3 magical home facade renovations.

6. Dark grey and white

North elevation homify Modern houses Granite Multicolored

North elevation


Dark grey may sound like gloom and doom, but when used in moderation and in combination with white, it can exude a very minimalist contemporary style ideal for modern Indian homes. This choice of colours is best for those who would prefer to blend in, rather than stand out in the neighbourhood. For more inspiration, check out our article titled before and after: 5 facade transformations.

7. A happy shade of grey

Grey doesn't necessarily have to be gloomy or dull. As we can see here, there are happier shades of grey available as options. The grey on the facade here is almost purplish-blue actually, giving the house a nice cheerful outlook. The rest of the exterior is painted in bright white to emphasize the happy shade of grey. You may also want to read how to design the ideal facade for more information. 

8. Pale blue

Last but not least, we leave you with a facade colour idea to match the sky—a pale blue that is so light, it's almost white. It looks like the sky on a really cloudy day, but it doesn't have quite the same feel, instead it speaks of calmness and serenity—a feeling that is almost always associated with the colour blue. 

We hope you've been inspired. For more ideas like these, please check out 20 facade designs that won't cost a fortune.

Which exterior wall colours do you like the best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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