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5 ideas to improve the ventilation in your home

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Coping with excessive heat during the summer is a big challenge. We all are familiar with the claustrophobic feeling that one gets within their home during this time. Although, you might think it is because of the scorching heat outside. But all of this is mainly due to lack of proper ventilation. One of the simplest ways of dealing with a similar situation is by improving the crosswind system of your home. If you are looking for ways to do so, then this ideabook has five of the easiest ones to share.

1. Bathroom exhaust

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Ms. Suman, Chembur


Due to being closed most of the time a bathroom can feel very humid and hot in the summers. That is why installing a small exhaust fan can be an excellent idea. These fans can be switched on after taking a shower so that the bathroom dries up quickly and there is no moisture left behind.

2. Windows in the kitchen

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Parallel Modular Kitchens Online

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All the various appliances used within a kitchen can produce excessive heat. Apart from this regular cooking also adds to the overall temperature of the room. The best way to improve the ventilation of this part of your house is by installing a window. You should always remember to open the window while cooking so that fresher air can replace the heat.

3. Washing room vents




Washing machines and dryers are a standard household appliance these days. However, the room where the machine is kept ends of smelling nasty due to the high level of moisture. For this reason, incorporating vents that open towards the outside into your washing room is a must.

4. Central cooling systems

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Interior Five

Living Room

Interior Five

Most of us live in a flat which is why having an open balcony and decorative windows everywhere is not a possibility. In a situation like this central cooling systems can be a saving grace. They not only improve the ventilation of your home but also make sure that every room is cooler compared to the outside.

5. Bedroom ventilation

Duplex Apartment design: country Bedroom by Aum Architects
Aum Architects

Duplex Apartment design

Aum Architects

Another thing to remember while creating proper ventilation system is to open the windows only during the evenings and nights. It will save you from the harsh sun during the daytime and will cool down the house fast enough after the sun sets.

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