7 ideas to combine your kitchen and living room

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Urban houses are getting more small day by day which is why utilizing the space in the best way possible has become a must. One of the best solutions for a situation like this is combining different rooms together. For example, you can integrate your dressing room in the bathroom, or the study can be placed in the bedroom. In today's article, we are going to talk about seven different ideas with which you combine the kitchen and living room of your home yet making it look distinctive.

1. A decorative screen

In case you do not have a vast living room then incorporating a sleek decorative screen like this will allow you to limit the view. It does not take much space which helps you to retain the feeling of openness. It is ideal for homes where the kitchen is situated at an angle from the living area.

2. Curio shelves

If the floor plan of your home is somewhat similar to this picture, then the best way to combine both the areas is with the help of a customized curio shelf. These shelves can be placed at different levels so that they do not obstruct the view.

3. A plain wall

For those who do not want anything fancy while decorating their combined kitchen and living room can use basic structures like a plane wall. Here the designer has opted for a mid-rise wall so that the feeling of a connected place can still exist.

4. A kitchen island

Have you been looking to decorate a compact space with modern features? If so, then this option is perfect for you. Creating an island between the kitchen and the living room allows you to transaction smoothly from one area to the other without interfering with the openness of the space.

5. A Glass partition

Another way to combine your kitchen and living room is by knocking off permanent walls and replacing them with semi-glass partitions. These partitions also make sure that the light can pass through freely making the place look bright and sunny.

6. Wooden facades

Partitions have been considered to be a great alternative while you are trying to combine different areas. One of the best materials that you can use for this purpose is wood as you can cut it in any design that you may prefer.

7. Similar colour pallet

Last but surely not the least, while integrating the kitchen into your living room make sure that you use similar colour palette or materials. For example, here the designer has used lamination sheets of a standard colour to create harmony.

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