How can I make the best use of a small bathroom?

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In a small home, often, it’s better to have an extra bathroom, even if designing the tiny space can prove to be a challenge. You need to make a layout with a place for the sink and toilet, besides having a shower area in which you have sufficient space to move around. How do you prevent the bathroom from looking cramped? Can you decorate the bathroom to distract from its size? What can you do to make the room appear larger? The trick is to optimize the space to include as many elements as possible without making the room look cluttered. To help you with the task of getting the design of the tiny space right, we present tips on how to make the best use of a small bathroom.

1. Choose smaller and sleeker fixtures

Instead of regular-sized fixtures, pick smaller models for a tiny bathroom. This will help in making the best out of a small bathroom, by conserving the space so that the room feels bigger. A small wall-mounted basin will help to save floor space and make the space look much airier than if you install a pedestal sink or a vanity sink with storage cabinets underneath. Similarly, a smaller shower cubicle will free up space and make it easier to move around in the bathroom. Instead of standard-sized fixtures, consider sleek and narrow options, especially in a bathroom that lacks the width.

2. Use light tones

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Whether it's for the fixtures, tiles, furniture or wall paint, picking light shades such as white, cream or pastels helps to reflect light in the room and create the impression that the room is much larger than it is. This is one of the small bathroom ideas that never fails. If you must use a combination of colours to break the monotony, stick to soft and neutral shades that don’t overpower the space. Choose light shades of wood for the cabinets.

3. Install glass partitions

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A common thread that runs through modern small bathroom designs is that of glass replacing shower curtains to keep the water from the shower or bath area from splashing into the rest of the space. Since glass is transparent, it allows light to pass through and keeps the bathroom looking bright. Depending upon the size of your bathroom, you can choose a fixed panel or sliding glass doors for the shower enclosure.

4. Use large-format tiles

When you are thinking of how to get the best out of a small bathroom, using visual trickery to make the space appear larger is a commonly employed tactic by professional interior designers. One of the ways to achieve this, besides using light shades on the walls and floors, is to install bigger tiles as this helps to reduce the breaks in the floor, thereby enlarging the space visually.

5. Don’t forget to use mirrors

While all bathrooms have vanity mirrors over the sink, in a small one, you should try to extend the mirror over a larger area as it will reflect light and space to trick the eyes into believing that the room is bigger than it is. One of the small bathroom ideas on a budget that you can use to transform the space instantly is to get an entire wall in the bathroom covered by a mirror as it will visually double the area of the room.

6. Make the most of the ceiling

If you have a high or vaulted ceiling, then one of the ideas how to get the best out of a small bathroom is to install a beautiful lighting fixture that highlights the ceiling and makes the space look bigger. For a small bathroom with a low ceiling, using a lighter shade or painting a mural can help to add depth to the ceiling and make it seem further away from the floor.

7. Go vertical with storage and display

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Since floor space is limited, one of the best solutions for small bathroom storage ideas is to design vertical shelves or niches. Consider building storage shelves above the doorway of the bathroom to hold toiletries and cleaning supplies. Build narrow shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling to arrange your toiletries and to add a few décor accessories that add to the aesthetics of the room. Put recesses to good use by building shelves into them. Don’t waste the wall behind the toilet! It can hold a slim medicine cabinet or open shelves for storage. Wall niches are another great solution for vertical storage, especially in the shower area where they can be used for keeping toiletries and bath accessories.

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8. Fix bright lights

Darkness has the effect of making the walls appear like they are closing in. Therefore, in a small bathroom, you should install bright lighting to banish darkness from every corner. Ideally, the bathroom lighting should have a control switch so that you can dim the lights during the day and make it brighter at night. This is especially needed in a bathroom without too much natural light.

9. Keep the floor free

Floor space is limited in a bathroom, so filling it up with storage and fixtures can limit the area you have to move around inside the room. Installing floating fixtures and furniture such as wall-mounted sinks and cabinets is a great solution for making the best out of a small bathroom. If you don’t have sufficient space to store everything that you need inside the bathroom, find a place for them in a closet in the adjoining bedroom or hallway.

10. Minimize décor accessories

One of the most effective tips when it comes to small bathroom decorating ideas is to keep the accessories to the bare minimum. Avoid using a large bath mat or rug as this will make the floor appear cluttered. Similarly, while using décor accessories, keep to just one or two. Crowding the small space with too many accessories will make it feel tinier.

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11. Change an inward swinging door

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A bathroom door that opens inwards can restrict movement within the space. Replace it with a door that swings outward to free up some space inside a small bathroom. Another option to optimize space in the room is to have a sliding door.

12. Organize the countertops

In a small bathroom, the sink counter provides space for placing toiletries and accessories, but to prevent the room from looking cluttered, it’s vital to keep the counters looking well-organized. Use trays or baskets in which toiletries can be arranged. This will not only make the counter look neater but also make it easier to clean daily.

A perfectly designed small bathroom needs to balance everything within a tiny space, whether it’s the fixtures, storage, lighting or accessories. It’s not easy to get it right, especially when you are working with a limited budget. Consulting a bathroom planner or interior designer is the best way to ensure that you maximize the efficiency of the space by employing small bathroom ideas that make the room functional and visually appealing. A seasoned professional will have ample experience in planning and designing small modern homes and can provide you with the perfect solutions for optimising the space in even the smallest bathroom.

Which of these tips will you use in your small bathroom? Leave a comment.

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