Nemi Villa: modern Bedroom by Innerspace

A large and beautiful villa with luxurious interiors in Mumbai

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Designing a home on this scale requires something extraordinary and the architects of INNERSPACE seemed to have managed it more than just well. They have created a home that is exceptional on every front. All the rooms and spaces seem luxurious, royal and opulent. If you look at the choice of furnishing you will find that they have left no stone unturned in creating a one-of-a-kind villa. This lovely home is charming and has spaces that may well look like a home that pops out from a magazine.

​Modest exteriors

This is a lovely look of the home from the outside. However, it provides you no indication of what it is like on the inside.

​Contemporary sitting room

A wonderful space to socialize, the all-white look is inviting and formal as well. The white sofas are accentuated by the use of extensive and creative lighting around the room.

​Grand living room

A grand piano in the centre of the room is a very American or English way of dressing up a room. However, using this creates perfect drama and grandeur in a room. The black glossy finish works against the stunning scale of the room.

​Broad look of the room

A long shot of the room is perfect. The high ceilings supported by the thick columns of marble creates an amazing look. It is nothing short of movie-like and magical.

​Colourful room

The bright and colourful composition of the room works exceptionally well against the plain white marble on the floor and the off-white colour of the walls.

​Bold bedroom

The bright ruby red colour in this room is striking and bold yet it has been combined so well with soft whites and the wallpapered walls that it does not seem overwhelming at all.

​Great storage

In keeping with the theme, the wardrobes have been put together in similar shades. While the colour may be a bit too bright, it works exceptionally well with the theme.

​Eclectic bedroom

This room seems like a mix of elements but it all works very well together. The abstract painting on the backwall is accentuated by the beams of ethereal light that seem to extend from floor to ceiling.

​Royal bathroom

The large bathroom looks expensive and royal. The colour gold is a difficult one to use without making the room look loud and gaudy. However, the use of glass and the skylights have managed to tone down the bold colour.

​Formal dining room

Exceptional choice of colours keeps this room neutral and formal. The white chairs always contribute to a formal look and the black has been combined very well to present that look.

​Spacious kitchen

The lovely subtle shades for the cabinets makes this kitchen look larger and even more spacious. The island with its contrasting shade merges exceptionally with the overall design.25 great bathroom shower ideas.

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