Guest Bedroom - Villa in Manipur: colonial Bedroom by Design Extraordinaire

A lovely villa in Manipur designed by architects in Delhi

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It is not impossible to build homes in faraway places. All it requires is a little determination and tons of creativity, so you can source what is locally available and modify it to suit what you want around in your home. A home resonates with peace and love when you make it your own. It becomes your own when you add small artifacts, collectibles, and pieces that you may have picked on your travel. This serene and calm home has been conceived by the interior architects of DESIGN EXTRAORDINAIRE, Delhi and they have put together this rustic and beautiful home in Manipur.

Wonderful shape for a balcony

Juliet balcony - Villa in Manipur:  Villas by Design Extraordinaire
Design Extraordinaire

Juliet balcony—Villa in Manipur

Design Extraordinaire

This is a unique shape for a balcony. The arch provides for a well-rounded view of the scenery. A rustic railing made of wood adorns the wall and green plants weave through them to create a wonderful play of colours. An old and ornate looking lampshade completed the look.

Lovely bathroom

Using a chess-like checked pattern for the floor, this bathroom is dramatic and gorgeous. A large mirror in the bathroom is not only functional but adds to the illusion of space. Keeping the walls subtle have helped in keeping the room from becoming overwhelming.

Grand bedroom

Guest Bedroom - Villa in Manipur: colonial Bedroom by Design Extraordinaire
Design Extraordinaire

Guest Bedroom—Villa in Manipur

Design Extraordinaire

Grand does not have to be loud or garish. Using ideas that are creative can give the same look and feel. Here, the four-poster bed stands out as the focal point. However, by keeping the other elements such as the sofa and the drapes in the lighter tones, they must coordinate the look quite well.

Interesting look for bathroom

Master Bathroom - Villa in Manipur: colonial Bathroom by Design Extraordinaire
Design Extraordinaire

Master Bathroom—Villa in Manipur

Design Extraordinaire

Using the same colour combination as the other bathroom, the designers have kept the look consistent. Here, the monochromatic look has been changed around a bit to make this bathroom unique. Marble used all around seems to have made this bathroom look luxurious and rich.

Elegant sitting room

This simple space looks elegant and lovely. Sometimes a minimalistic approach is all it takes and here by using a two-seater and contrasting it with the doors and the single side-table, they have created a look that is subtle yet stylish. The frames on the wall allow you to display memories from travels. The traditional roof made of crisscrossing wooden beams is gorgeous and does not take away from the subtlety of the room.

Warm study

Study/Office - Villa in Manipur: colonial Study/office by Design Extraordinaire
Design Extraordinaire

Study/Office—Villa in Manipur

Design Extraordinaire

gorgeous room that is warm, inviting and comfortable. The large leather chair is probably the only thing that is black, and the rest of the room has been dressed in warm rustic tones. The marble for the flooring matches the shade of the door giving it a unified look. The grand study desk is complemented by the large wall-to-wall bookshelf. A large lampshade on the side contributes to the old-world feel of the room.10 small bathroom ideas for your home.

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