10 beautiful door designs for traditional Indian welcome

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Doors are that mysterious part of our home which when closed raises curiosity about what’s hidden behind and opens to reveal the world of the home owner behind it. Door is the first thing visible and often it becomes the identity of your home, “the home with beautiful door”.  Isn’t it? We Indians are quite traditional and love to stay connected with our roots. So why not surprise your visitors and even passersby by showing your love for Indian heritage through the door. The interior of the house may be in stark contrast, still an impression will be made and traditional door will open to welcome home modernity.

Today we have brought for you 10 traditional door designs for your Indian home. Have a look!

​1. Ornate intricacy of carved doors

Intricately carved wooden door designs transport us to the bygone era and reflect beauty of the rich heritage and culture of our temples. The walls all along the door are also covered with wood which has been carved to match the amazing details of the door.

​2. Two size of the doors

Two sizes of the door, one narrow and the other broad, allows the residents to open it according to the need. The long handle bar is the only decoration in this plain door. However, on the side is a glass window right at the entrance with floral patterns engraved on it to give a traditional touch to this modern door.

​3. Religious welcome in a modern home

Imagine the curious contrast it will create, your guest will be in awe. Wooden door with brass knocking ring, white tiles covering the door and then an elaborate paintings of Ganpati on the wall with traditional religious symbols pasted on the side of the door, this sight is quite common in rural homes but surely not in city homes.

​4. Stylishly sophisticated

If you want something traditional with a classy appeal, then make a bold statement with your innovative choice. Instead of opting for age old predictable jali design, get inspired from it and make your own design by giving it a modern twist. A peacock has been carved on the wooden door which has protective glass glowing on the sides.

​5. Standing out gracefully

White carvings on the door and white shiny handle of metal, this white door stands out, confidently maintaining its identity against the stone surrounding with élan.

6. Traditionally beautiful

The tradition of India and Indian are synonymous with its love for colours and fine carvings. Designed by professionals, the magic of colour through lights and fine carving is so attractive and appealing that we almost miss all the details on the door.

​7. Embedded elegance

This amazing beautiful carved teak door has been custom-made with embedded brass inlays to give it a rich finish to match with the classy taste of the inhabitants.

​8. In the theme of geometrical pattern

Teak and plywood door decorated with geometrical motifs all over it looks rich and make the culture of patterns and design alive.

9. Zig-zag in the middle

Wood at the periphery and intricate design weaved from random patterns on the metal brings in the gracious charm in the simple Indian main door designs. Toran hanging from above prepares the door to give a traditional welcome to the guests.  

​10. Tinkle of the bells

The sound of bells is considered to be auspicious and is believed to drive out negative energy and bad omen from the space. Our home is our temple. As the Hindus ring the bell before entering the temple to bring in positivity, so why not open the door to the tinkling of bells and welcome home positive vibe every time you open the door.

Vastu shastra lays lots of emphasis on the entrance of the home to attract positive energy. Get some Vastu tips from here: 10 important Vastu Shastra ideas for your home entrance

Some more door designs

Here is another exceptionally crafted main door that can revive a traditional charm in modern homes. Featuring beautiful arches and detailed woodwork, such door designs can create the impression of entering a fort or any other Indian heritage site. Here, the pillars on the sides of the door add to its fine structure and make it even more appealing.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is highly auspicious to have an image of Lord Ganesha included in front door designs as it helps to obstruct negative energies and only welcomes positive vibes inside. Instead of pasting pictures of gods on the doors, it is better to get them engraved on your wooden door. Besides the enormous image of the god, the finely crafted carvings make this main door design even more welcoming.

Which one of these traditional doors inspired you the most? We are waiting to hear from you.

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