CLASSY DUPLEX HOUSE:  Stairs by Vdezin Interiors

A beautiful home with vibrant interiors in Bangalore

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Classy Duplex House by Vdezin Interiors uses unique design concepts and combines them to create beautiful interiors. From the refreshing colour pallet to the fantastic elevation design and exclusive furniture pieces, these Interior Designers & Decorators in Bengaluru have created a stunning duplex home. Let’s take a tour!

Refreshing colours

We love the combination of grey, black and red in these sofas. It is unusual and eye catching. The curved sofa style armchairs look right at home in the living room.

​TV wall

Place opposite the stylish sofas is the LCD TV. The TV wall uses a wood panel, which has concealed lighting that lights up the entire area.

Colourful and vibrant

The home is decorated with colourful artwork done by the family. The paintings look perfect after being arranged around the wooden panelling that surrounds a beautiful, well-lit, wall.

Modern dining area

The dining area has an elegant dining table, with a stylish table cover. The backdrop for the dining table is a wooden piece, with multiple shelves. These shelves hold beautiful décor pieces and family heirlooms.

Unique design

This is one of the walls in the house that has been decorated with uniquely designed tiles to create this beautiful pattern. Eccentric design is necessary to bring out the character of any home.

Open plan

The overall view of the living area shows us the open layout. The home is quite big, ad the lack of walls makes it seem bigger and more spacious.

Spacious and stylish

The home is quite spacious, as is seen here with the grand staircase leading to the upper level. The marble staircase looks quite grand, especially when combined with the wooden and glass railing. There is a separate seating area by the staircase as well, with baby blue armchairs.

Modern kitchen

The kitchen is simple and useful, which is necessary. The modern appliances necessary for every kitchen of today are placed throughout the kitchen. One side of the paltform fucntions as a kitchen island, with beautiful lamps that hang from the ceiling.

Stylish accessories

The other end of the kitchen has stylish cabinets mounted onto the wall. The cream cabinets look perfect with the dark brown granite used on the countertop and the backsplash.

Wall of memories

This beautiful mustard wall is painted in a unique hue to make it stand out. The wall is full of family pictures, which is what make a home a home. The accompanying hanging lamp is stunning.

Up and up

The staircase leads to the second storey of the house. Right by the staircase is this wonderful seating area. This second living room is comfortably furnished with colourful sofas and even has a mini dining table.

The double ceiling

The house is designed with a double ceiling, and looks beautiful. The view from above goes straight into the living room on the ground floor. The living room is furnished with style and elegance.

Lighting perfection

The entire second floor landing is lit up with beautiful lights concealed well into the ceiling. The ceiling design is also quite beautiful and artistic.

The fun bedroom

The children’s room is fun and bright and quirky. We love the bright orange walls, and colourful curtains. There is storage space for toys and books and a desk as well.

Unique furniture

The other part of the room holds a bed and a set of drawers. The colourful drawers hold trophies and knick-knacks.

The other wardrobe

The second children’s bedroom is just as brightly decorated. This bright colour makes sure the children enjoy having their own space.

The master bedroom

The main bedroom in the house is decorated with elegant floral motifs. The classy wooden flooring, the classy lighting and the overall design of the bedroom are stunning.

The entrance

The entrance is a polished, stylish hardwood door. Right near the entrance is the wall of paintings that we saw before.10 interesting furniture ideas for small bedroom.

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