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Match your pool according to your zodiac sign!

Rhea Purnita Paine Rhea Purnita Paine
Piscina coperta di Casa del Vescovo, Francesco Della Femina Francesco Della Femina Mediterranean style pool
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Who doesn't like to soak in a sprawling swimming pool after a long day at work? While owning a pool maybe nothing short of a dream for some, if you could own a pool wouldn't you like it to reflect your personality? A simple way to find different kinds of pools for different kinds of people is through their zodiac sign. So if you have ever wondered what kind of a pool you are according to your zodiac sign, wonder no more! Here are 6 pools for 6 signs of the zodiac.

Sophisticated Sagittarius

This curious pool like the curious Sagittarius, has a whimsical beauty to it. An indoor quiet pool like this is exactly what the contemplative Sagittarius needs to fire up some new ideas. Since quality is always more important than quantity to Sagittarius, this pool offers them a small yet beautiful corner to unwind and wonder about the mysteries of the world, while looking out onto the garden or resting under the soft lights above. 

Adventurous Aries

The fiery, upbeat Aries loves challenges and loves to live on the edge. For such enthusiastic people their swimming pool must also bring in a sense of adventure for them. This pool designed by RM ARQUITECTURA has the right mix of edginess and comfort which is sure to excite the passionate Aries. This infinity pool which is part of a villa on a cliff not only gives the one's swimming some breathtaking views of the valley around, but also has four different levels so that one can pick their level of thrill while swimming.

Luxurious Leo

The lazy Leo loves to be in the lap of luxury. Like enigmatic Leos, this indoor pool designed by FRANCESCO DELLA FEMINA is immediately the centre of attraction in any home. If grabbing eyeballs is the agenda, this pool nails it. This T shaped pool in a domed room with a skylight has stone walls and brick floors, that lend it a rustic yet regal charm which caters perfectly to the dramatic demands of the leading Leos.

Leisurely Libra

This subtle and understated Mediterranean pool is perfect for leisure loving Libras who love beauty in any form. People of this sign are often drawn to stylish and refined things. Thus this exquisite raised pool next to the sea, with its classy white surroundings is exactly the kind of thing that would suit them. The geometrical symmetry of this pool further caters to a Libra's need for balance.

Atypical Aquarius

This unusual pool designed by GUZ ARCHITECTS is perfect for the original Aquarius who likes to stand out from the crowd. This modern pool with its eclectic design and glass borders, creates the illusion that the water is hanging mid air and is thus ideal for the independent Aquarius who is always looking for something innovative and different. It is also very functional and compact and will fit easily into a modern home.

Perfect Pisces

If you ever see someone with not a hair out of place and a spick and span home, he/she is probably a Pisces. The gentle, perfectionist Pisces loves things that are beautiful and this wonderful terrace pool with stunning views of the city below is exactly the kind of pool that will meet their high standards. Being a water sign, pools and swimming in general attracts a lot of Pisces. This B shaped pool in the hidden backyard of this home is another pool that will definitely fit the private Pisces.

Which pool suits you the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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