Here's how to have a spectacular outdoor entry for your home

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First impression may not always be the last impression , but it surely is a lasting one. Ever came across a perfectly maintained front yard, a dramatic sculpture at the entrance, soothing plants placed beautifully right at the door to welcome you, dramatic lighting arrangement or simply a stunning door that you'd never seen before? Wished you had done something like that to your home too? Well, good news is, it does not always require a lot of work to create enviable outdoor entry spaces. Lets give you some ideas to have something great of your own. Your own spectacular and enviable entry to your home. 

A good looking porch

A great idea is to have a small porch outside the main door of the house. The porch maybe covered or semi covered, depending on the weather and some other factors. If there are a lot of birds, especially pigeons, it is advisable to have a covered porch. Keep some weather proof furniture, like metallic, plastic or cane chairs and table, have a small magazine stand by the side and you have a great waiting area for a visitor. It is like having an open air room for having that morning coffee… just perfect!

A well designed pathway

If there is space between the door and the gate, it is tempting to have the space cemented to be utilized as parking, or a badminton court. However, to have a great entry to your home, let that space be covered in grass and create a neatly defined passage with stepping stones. The grass lawn can be used as an evening sitting space, or for kids playing and it will give a beautiful fairy tale look to your own little castle!

Possibility of stairs

If there is a gradual rise from the main gate to the door, its totally possible to make a staircase. A staircase adds to the beauty of a garden, adds more texture and breaks the monotony. The number of stairs depends on the height available to you, however a small increase can me made my reducing the height of the rise of the step. Add concealed lighting to the steps, or have an arched, tree branch railing by the side to give a classy look to your little staircase.

Change the wall colour and door

Entrance Porch / Green Oak Architects Scotland Ltd Country style corridor, hallway& stairs
Architects Scotland Ltd

Entrance Porch / Green Oak

Architects Scotland Ltd

When space is a constraint, and building a porch, stair etc are not possible, here is a simple way to change and stylize the outdoor entry. Experiment with the wall colour, go bright, or go multi colour, you can also choose to have wall tiles to give a country look. Change the look of the door as well. Instead of a regular wooden door, colour it bright, Dark green goes well with bricks, A blue door complements a white wall very well and a white chalk-painted door goes with any dark coloured wall. Make a statement outdoor entry by changing the colours creatively. Want to see some stunning entry doors? Here's an ideabook you will love!

Get a Pergola

Exterior Painting Quik Solution Mediterranean style balcony, veranda & terrace
Quik Solution

Exterior Painting

Quik Solution

Accentuate the outdoors of the house by adding a pergola on top of the door. This is a pocket friendly solution to having a beautiful outdoor entry without interfering with the existing facade. The pergola can be running along the wall, or can be just on the top of the door, and can be elongated as desired with the support of wooden pillars to create a frame outside the door. Hanging lights or planted pots from the pergola will add to the beauty of it. Running a flowering climber like bougainvillea on it, is surely going to make it the center of attention.

Adding special illumination

Villa Branco Studio MoMo Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio MoMo

Villa Branco

Studio MoMo

Highlight the entry of your home, by adding focused and diffused lighting complementing the outdoor entry. Diffused coloured lights in the roof coffers give an appearance of an upside down colour palette. Focused lights on pillars, door bells, or a wall painting accentuate the beauty of even the simplest outdoor spaces. Concealed LED lighting along the floor defines the pathway and makes the entire entry extraordinary.

Greenery with some plants

Mr & Mrs Pannerselvam's Residence Murali architects Modern balcony, veranda & terrace
Murali architects

Mr & Mrs Pannerselvam's Residence

Murali architects

One can just never go wrong with plants. Plants will always accentuate the look of every room, and add a lot of colour and texture to even the dullest of rooms. Having plants outdoors is even more easy, since there is always ample sunlight to nourish them well. Bamboos along the wall, textured palms that do not require much care, ferns in the shady regions and flowering plants in winters are the recipe for a lively and beautiful outdoor space. Plants can be used to provide shade over the windows wherever you need, and all you need is a little rearrangement and you are set to have a new look.

With these ideas in mind, now you can make the entry of your home stand out from the rest. If you do not have the luxury of space, fret not for there are some brilliant space saving ideas that can help you create the outdoor oasis that you always desired. So go ahead and surprise your next visitor with a porch that spells wow!

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