Sleek Environs on a Mediterranean Canvas: A Breezy Villa

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Breezy crosswinds are frequent visitors to this home. It takes style and airiness to a whole new level with the natural elements that have been worked into the design. Lush greenery, panel upon panel of glass and soft lighting to hold it all in a soft glow – that’s the charm of Vivienda Particular. This villa has been built by Senza Espacio – a group of architects in Zafra, Spain. The hint of the Mediterranean comes through at first glance with the terracotta tiles peeping out from the rooftops. A typical homely feel caresses the home and seeps through despite the modern elements at place – proving yet again that Mediterranean can never go out of style!

The Facade

The best bit about the home is the fact that the courtyard plays a pivotal role. It comes into view from every corner, every window of the home. Skirted by pretty terracotta tiles in a slightly slanting Mediterranean style roof, the solid wooden pillars give it an earthy charm and the corridors open out onto the lush green expanse of the yard. This is where the swimming pool comes into view with its luxurious blue waters beckoning. This pool has been set in an asymmetrical shape, surrounded by pristine white marble. Patches of foliage have been neatly arranged in concrete and stone slabs, with the plants rising up and creating interesting green décor that meets you at eye level.

An elaborate entryway

A solid oak panelled door with linear wooden detailing and glass panels invites the visitor inside. In typical old school style, the door opens into an entryway, concealing doors and entrances into the other rooms of the beautiful home. Dark, robust looking hardwood floors break the monotony of the sheer whiteness that runs through the villa. The chandelier above is a study in modern elegance with delicate lines and a truly classy feel that comes through in the combination of metal, crystal and glass. Art work in subtle desert colours and skylights right up to the highest floor of the house gives people a clear view of the winding white staircase.

A bright sitting area

The living rooms of the home have distinct themes and features – but this one is our favourite. Bereft of any art work or any other features but two sleek lamps on the walls, on either side of the fireplace, the stone fireplace is given the limelight. The electric furnace and TV are placed in perfect alignment. The white natural looking rattan couches are brilliantly matched with this space – the straight lines yet cosy dimensions give the area a welcoming feel. Grey cushions go with the tiling on the fireplace. All in all, a serene area to enjoy your morning cuppa!

An eclectic dining room

The beautiful dining room is eclectic at best! It combines the best of all worlds even as it holds on to its strong yet subtle Mediterranean bearings. With glass doors opening out to one side, the hardwood floors give the design the leeway to play with a variety of colours. But as always, white is the chosen one. The surprise element is the modern looking dining table with aluminium and white upholstered chairs. Lanterns placed on top complete the fusion look. The overhead lamp is a sleek one that also throws light on the simple wooden shelf housing earthen delights!

A touch of luxury

Soft and warm yet robust and linear – that’s the charm of the bedroom. With simple cylinders suspended for lighting, the wallpaper is a fur finish one with a subtle pattern. The bed and its bedside tables are in white, combined with brown, soft and fluffy accents for a truly luxurious look!

Bathe in style

Style oozes out of the beyond luxurious bathroom. Mirrors, hanging lamps and monochrome tiles in a pretty pattern, make way for the solid looking his and her sinks. The towels and sleek bureau to the side make for convenient touches!

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