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9 different types of glass used at home


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Glass is a bit of puzzle. We all love it for its transparency hardly knowing the fact that it is made up of opaque sand, soda-ash and limestone. It is hard enough to use as a protection in windows and doors, but it can shatter with incredible ease when hit by a cricket ball. Still glass is widely used in our home. In fact glass in everywhere- glass window and door in every room, table-top in dining or living room, kitchen cabinets, shower doors, as shelves or showcase to display our prized possessions, glass mirror or even the glass bulbs. Glass is widely used because of its functionality and sophistication it brings into the exterior and interior of our home.

It’s natural to be curious about this most versatile and one of the world’s oldest material created by human being. Above all it is important to know about it so that you can choose the right type of glass at the right place while integrating it in your home. Let’s dive in and find more about it!

White Living Space:  Living room by AAMRAPALI BHOGLE

White Living Space


​1. Sturdiness of toughened glass

Toughened glass, as the name suggest is quite strong and is made to withstand all weather condition. It is usually installed in the places where we have to cover large span of space to achieve a flawless look with minimum obstruction. Each glass pieces are made to order and even the holes for nuts and bolts are drilled before toughening the glass. Once manufactured, no alteration can be made. Each glass pieces can be manufactured up to maximum 12 feet high and 20 feet wide. In case of any accident or damage, this glass breaks into small fragments which are relatively less harmful than sharp-edge shards produced by normal glass when shattered. Toughened glass is usually used in large frame-less glass door and windows, partition, structural glazing or wherever you need strength along with transparency.

​2. Blocking by tinted glass

Project Guest House @HauzKhasVillage by MAD DESIGN:  Houses by MAD DESIGN

Project Guest House @HauzKhasVillage by MAD DESIGN


Selected metal oxides are mixed in the normal glass making process to make it tinted. It’s quite popular especially on the windows since it can control the intensity of sunlight entering into the house. With the advancement in technology, now the types of tinted glass available can even filter out the solar heat and UV radiation.  Tinted glass on windows and doors also effectively protects the upholstery and curtains from fading in the sun. It also blocks the view from outside thus protecting the privacy. It is available in the shades of blue, grey, green and brown. Get the one which suits your style.

​3. Reflection of reflective glass

This type of glass beautifully protects the privacy of home and home-owner while allowing them a view of the world outside from the comfort of their home. However, in the evening make sure to draw the curtains as the role reverse since the interiors are illuminated. A special coating is applied on the surface of the glass to give it this unique property. Reflective glass is mostly used to cover the exterior of the house or the façade to make the house look dramatic from outside. The glass reflects the changing colour and moods of the surrounding throughout the day and night. The modern style and elegance it imparts to the building has made it quite popular in contemporary architecture.

4. Safety of laminated glass

Luxury Interiors:  Corridor & hallway by TRIANGLE HOMEZ

Luxury Interiors


The laminated glass is mostly use for decorative purpose on the floor which experience less traffic. It is manufactured by compressing polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two strong pieces of glass. Since PVB strongly holds the glass, in case of any accident, the glass shatters into less damaging small fragments. This type of glass is also known as safety glass. However, remember that glass on the floor can be slippery because of less frictional force acting on it. Step on it carefully.

5. Colour of lacquered glass

s k designs - contemporary residence in Andheri:  Kitchen by S K Designs
S K Designs

s k designs—contemporary residence in Andheri

S K Designs

Give the space a fresh new makeover with the colour of lacquered glass. It is mostly used as style statement in your home. The advantage of this type of glass is that it is durable, moisture resistant, and available in many colours; but above all lacquered glass is opaque. So you can use it as a partition, kitchen backsplash, sliding doors inside the rooms or embedded on the wall to make the space look modern and chic.

​6. Edge of beveled glass

Barari Villa:  Dining room by Gurooji Design
Gurooji Design

Barari Villa

Gurooji Design

The style of bevelled glass perfectly fits as table top of the dining table, coffee table or side tables of your home or even on the cabinet doors or door panel. During manufacture, the sides of the glass are cut at an angle and then it is polished to make the edge smooth and thinner than the rest of the body. Another interesting property of bevelled glass is that in the presence of light, natural or artificial, the edge works like a prism, thus reflecting a spectrum of colours. Harness this uniqueness of bevelled glass, use your scientific acumen and use this glass smartly in your home.

​7. Magic of stained glass

Ritesh bhai:  Doors by SP INTERIORS

Ritesh bhai


It’s nothing new in this glass; we all are familiar with it. Only thing new is that now it is available in many style- classic, contemporary, hand-crafted, coloured, floral, figurative, modern arts, abstract… now it all depends on you where you want to install it in your home.

​8. Privacy of frosted glass

Ms. Suman, Chembur:  Bathroom by Aesthetica

Ms. Suman, Chembur


The main purpose of frosted glass is to bring in privacy. Mostly it is installed as partition, shower doors and windows. The frosted appearance is given by acid-etching or sand-blasting the ordinary glass while manufacturing. This type of glass obstructs the view while allowing the light to pass through it. Now days, self-adhesive polyester window films are available which when pasted on normal glass will make it frosted inexpensively.

​9. Smoothness of textured glass

Entrance:  Front doors by ANBN DESIGNS

The smoothness of the glass is given a textured feel when the desired texture and patterns are imprinted on the glass when still in the molten state. The textured glass is usually used in partition, shower doors, privacy screen or simply to flaunt your style.

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