Six Fresh Trends For a Bathroom In Vogue

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Your personal cocoon which shields you from the rest of the world for a precious while every day – a time when you rejuvenate and reset your senses to meet a new day or get over with one gone by. That’s your bathroom. A bathroom is a space that should ideally be doused in amenities that make your time there convenient and comfortable; as well as a strong dose of luxury. With travel and information becoming more and more accessible, we are now well exposed to state of the art fittings and luxuries and very often, many of us ask, ‘how can I design my bathroom in a modern way?’

modern bathroom design is not just a luxury – it is an essential necessity that can act as a mood lifter every morning while we prepare for new challenges, and every evening when we turn back inwards, weary from meeting that same world of challenges. What kind of challenges would we be able to meet if we cannot find solace within our personal spaces; if we are busy being challenged by obsolete fittings and fixtures that are a challenge to use?

Read on to find out six ways to bring out the best in this space – with the six latest trends for a modern bathroom design.

Make it Earthy with Concrete

A chic addition to any space, concrete tiles look especially earthy in a bathroom. They carry a certain simplicity that lets you add colour and pattern by way of fittings and gilded fixtures. Imagine a concrete tiled wall or floor and pretty white shelves with gold tinted faucets and a large mirror along one wall – that’s the kind of look we are talking about. Throw in a pretty basket with teal and mauve towels to up the fun quotient of space!

Metro Tiles for a Classic Design

Metro tiles are an answer to the 70's look that takes us all back to a time when classic good looks were busy making inroads into our homes and décor magazines. These tiles usually come in a neat brick like finish with almost miniature type dimensions. Metro tiles ideally come in a 100 mm by 200 mm, rectangular size. The modern day take on these tiles come in diagonal patterns and even jewel tones and other neutral shades. A wall covered in these tiles will take you back to a home in the 70s when modernity was slowly becoming a way of life!

Black is the color of style

A solid colour for a monochrome look brings in a touch of class and a heavy dose of elegance – black faucets! These modern and sleek looking fixtures will leave you feeling good and refreshed every time you use your bathroom. This simple fixture can lift the space and add unparalleled glamour where you thought none was possible. These faucets can be teamed up with stone counters and granite soap dishes and toothbrush holders with a slim gold rim, for that utter luxe, utterly modern effect. Use neutral coloured tiles to make your faucets the centre of attraction and watch the compliments flow as fast as water, every time the tap opens!

Keep it Free

Prestige Open Shelf Solid Wood Washstand Stonearth Interiors Ltd Minimalist bathroom Wood
Stonearth Interiors Ltd

Prestige Open Shelf Solid Wood Washstand

Stonearth Interiors Ltd

Modernity is a matter of making use of the latest technology and techniques to create a space that takes up less room with its various pieces and installations even as it creates a look that screams ‘future’. Free standing washstands belong to this very ilk. With plumbing that gets easily concealed behind tiles, within the wall where it is placed, or under the pillar on which it is luxuriously mounted, these sinks or washstands give the illusion of emanating from the wall with seemingly no support. Easy to install and easier to clean and maintain, these are a fantastic addition to any bathroom that aspires to be a modern one! Take a look at the chic freestanding design created by Notthingham-UK-based Stonearth Interiors Ltd.

Timber for a Deluxe Touch

ArcKid, ArcKid ArcKid Modern bathroom



Bring a little camping fun into your bathroom or invite the Serengeti in with this option! Faux timber is a look that is being favoured in the global décor market, and bathrooms are not about to be left far behind as this look takes over our homes. With almost natural looking tiles now available in various hues and tones, it has become easy to mix and match or to find something that goes with your basic décor theme. Tiles in timber design replicate the finish you want down to the realistic looking grain and highlights. So choose your timber designed tile today!

For a Minimalist Grandeur

If the warehouse effect excites you, then do we have news for you! Modern bathroom design is a study in minimalist grandeur – which includes walls stripped bare of tiles to showcase the raw beauty of the walls so you can do up the space with an eclectic loft-like touch. The minimalist look is essentially modern in design school terms and pares down all décor essentials with a ‘minimum fuss’ rule. Untiled walls in the bathroom give you the leeway to work on any décor theme and add strong colour elements through fixtures and faucets as well as quirky pieces like benches, holdalls, tubs and sinks. So experiment with this look for an ultimately modern design expression in the bathroom!

The bathroom is a space where you can just be. Line the walls with shelves to hold your favourite cosmetics and most fragrant products. Use candles to create an ambience. Place a stack of your favourite magazines. And finally, soak in some bubbled goodness after a long, weary day spent battling the challenges of the world outside. This is the space where you can unwind and breathe in the real scent of ‘rest, recoup and relaxation’. It should also be a space that assists you and calms you in the midst of rushed mornings spent getting ready for the world outside, and a space where you can tell yourself to take it easy. Modern bathroom design is one that should aim to do just that – irrespective of the kind of style or fixtures you choose to use!

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