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15 brilliant ideas for creating multi-purpose rooms

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Multi-purpose rooms have more than one use, such as a bedroom which is also a home office, or a terrace that is also a dining area and kitchen. Modern life has squeezed us into smaller homes and the creation of multi-purpose rooms is a creative solution to the challenge of living in small homes. Today we have compiled some brilliant ways of creating multi-purpose rooms such as using space-effective techniques for interior design and clever pieces of multi-functional furniture. These ideas are attached to images of professionally designed homes to inspire you to try something similar in your own home. We have also included links and tags which you can follow to get more ideas and information. 

1. Library in the living room

Let's admit it, the average household cannot afford the luxury of having a whole room dedicated to being a library. Often there is not even enough space for bookshelves in the whole house. This is when it is time to be creative and make use of the walls as shown in the example here. Not only does it look great, it is also very easy to reach and practical. 

2. Use colour to separate spaces

Create a niche space for a special function such as the study room by using colour to separate it from the rest of the room. Pictured here we can see that an accent wall in deep blue helps to create a multi-functional room. For more ideas, please refer to our article titled add a study area to your home.

3. Optimise the corners

Make use of all the corners in your home well such as shown in this image. Corner shelving is a great way to save space. The TV can also easily be put in a corner shelving unit. A floating desk which can be folded away would be ideal and the chair should not be too bulky. For more ideas, please read our article titled 18 multi-functional furniture for small homes.

4. Pooja room, study room and bedroom

You can actually fit three different functions in one room—praying, studying and sleeping. All you need is a room divider or shelving that acts like one. Here are 6 awesome room divider ideas for more inspiration. 

5. Terrace as a home office

If your terrace is filled with potted plants, put them up on the wall instead so you can create enough space for a small home office on the terrace. Sometimes you don't need much furniture for a home office—just a comfy chair and some cushions will do. 

6. Dining room on the balcony

The balcony is a great place for the dining room, especially if it is well protected and shaded. It is also a great excuse for spending time outdoors and getting some fresh air. Families do not have to have meals while watching TV in the living room just because there is no space for the dining table chairs in the interiors of the house. 

7. Living room on the balcony

The balcony is a cosy space for a living room. However make sure it is well shaded and has a fan so that it does not get too warm and uncomfortable. It's best to use outdoor furniture which will withstand harsh climates instead of ordinary living room furniture because outdoor furniture is made to be more durable. This is a great idea for studio apartments, where one often is forced to expose personal spaces such as the bedroom to guests. 

8. Gym on the balcony

By gym we don't mean the whole works, but just the essential like a stationary exercise bike, some weights and a yoga mat. That being said, a gym on the balcony is a great idea don't you think? You can exercise in the comfort and security of your home while still getting some fresh air from the outdoors. 

9. Home office and gym

The home office and gym combination can be quite effective as well and it might even help you to be more productive. Make sure this multi-purpose room has large windows and sufficient ventilation to help you carry out the functions you aim to achieve in the room more effectively. For more inspiration, have a look at home gym ideas for every home.

10. Living room and gym

Having a fold-away gym in the living room is also not a bad idea. Exercising on a stationary bike is not the most exciting thing in the world, so having a TV and access to some entertainment while exercising may actually be motivating. 

11. Mini bar under the stairs

Although the space under the stairs is not a room, it can be used as one. For example a chic mini bar can be created under the stairs. Otherwise this space would usually be neglected and wasted.

12. Dining room and kitchen on the terrace

If your terrace is big enough, you could shift the dining room and kitchen outside so that you have more space in the home for other things. For example, it may be more important for you to have a private home office which is quiet rather than a whole room just to eat and cook meals once in a while. 

13. Kitchen, dining room and children's study room

One of the best places for a children's study room is actually in the kitchen and dining area. This is because you can keep an eye on them while cooking and cleaning up, and they can also smell and anticipate their rewards for more motivation! 

14. Laundry room and bathroom

Many homes often combine the laundry room with the kitchen. However, the more ideal and practical combination is definitely the laundry room with the bathroom. 

15. TV room in the corridor

The space just above the stairs or the little corridor that provides access to the rooms upstairs is sometimes big enough for a small TV room. Children will love you for this because they can watch TV while their parents are busy talking in the living room. 

We hope you've enjoyed the ideas here. For more inspiration, please check out our article titled 6 types of housing for multi-generational living.

Which multi-purpose room design did you like best? 

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