​Kerb appeal: The best front door ideas

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They say that first impressions are everything. Here on homify we full-heartedly agree, which is why we are always on the lookout for ways in which your house can flaunt an impressive first impression.

But even though there are numerous ways in which you can style up your entryway’s interiors, today we wish to take a step outwards and focus on your home’s front door. It is, after all, one of the first things guests will see when visiting. 

Contrary to what many people might think, the look and weight of good-quality front door makes a gigantic impact (as any seasoned door designer/builder will tell you). The front door gives us a clue as to what we may expect from the rest of a house in terms of style, colour, and visual appeal. And even though your front door doesn't have to be the most expensive or ostentatious, decent thought needs to go into its presentation, including its materials.

With that in mind, we present these front door ideas to help with your home’s kerb appeal.

1. Front door ideas: Paint it a different colour

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Painting remains one of the quickest and easiest ways of updating something, whether it’s a kitchen’s accent wall or a front door. But please keep in mind that you need to choose an exterior paint designed for the door type; there are paints and primers for steel, fibreglass and wood door surfaces. 

In terms of paint style, gloss or semi-gloss are the most durable, as the sheen holds up better against nicks and scratches and tends to show bolder colours better. But before you splash a fresh coat of colour onto your front door, keep the following in mind:  

• Although you can paint your mounted door, removing the door and all of the hardware will give you a better finish. 

• Sand the door lightly to get rid of old paint drips, nicks and dents. 

• Always apply a primer and wait for it to dry. 

• Protect your door while it dries so dirt particles don’t stick to it.

So, what about colour? Although we agree that complementing tones help to ensure a visual flow when it comes to architecture, contrasting colours get our vote for front doors. Thus, for front door ideas, we recommend that you choose a bold paint colour that stands out from the rest of the house!

2. Front door ideas: Pick a number

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Of course you don’t have to have a number placed on your front door, yet it can be a fun way to add a playful punch to your home’s front entrance. 

How about an oversized number beside the door on your front porch? You can pick from various designs, fonts and finishes to complement not only your front door, but also your house’s façade. 

For more traditional front door ideas, consider spelling out your house number on an overhang or porch column.

3. Front door ideas: Bring the indoors out

Before you see which garden/exterior elements you can place near your front door, how about looking to your interiors first? Maybe you already have what you need. 

For a covered entryway, baskets can make quite nice planters. You could also repurpose a small stool as a plant stand, or hang up a few lovely paper lanterns. 

See your front entrance as the perfect space where you can try something new, regardless of how your friends’ and neighbours’ front porches and doors look.

4. Front door ideas: Set up some seating

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Who says a cushy sofa or wicker chair can only be placed on your back terrace? Having a place to sit, read or chat near your front door instantly creates a warm and inviting feeling.

We especially love the idea of wooden bench with colourful pillows, which can beautifully complement your front door’s colour. 

homify hint: Not enough space on your front porch? Decorate your door instead. Opt to beautify a plain grapevine wreath with dried flowers, ribbons and pine cones and hang it right in the middle of your front door. This can even be changed up according to the season / holiday.

5. Front door ideas: Style up the lighting

Front door ideas are not only about the door itself—the right outdoor lighting will instantly jazz up your kerb appeal while updating the look of your front door. How about upgrading to larger sconces or hanging an overhead pendant? What a glittering welcome that could be for guests!

6. Front door ideas: Replace the whole thing

If a fresh coat of paint or additional decorations don’t cut it, it might just be time for a completely new front door. Studies have shown that replacing a home’s front door can increase the perceived value of the home by as much as five times the cost of the new door. 

Although you could swap one door for another (which could drastically increase the appeal of your front entrance), a fresh one is always a possibility. How about you enlarge the entryway by installing a door with windows on either side or above? This will add a sense of grandeur to the front of the house, plus allow more natural light to stream indoors.

7. Front door ideas: The best types of doors

In addition to looking beautiful, the right front door will also enhance your and your family’s safety. And for that, the right material is vital. In terms of sturdy front door ideas, your best three options are:  

Fibreglass doors 

Available with a smooth surface or embossed wood-grain texture, fibreglass doors are a practical choice for most people.  

Pros: Fibreglass doors resist wear and tear better than steel. They can be painted or stained, are moderately priced and dent-resistant, and don’t require a lot of maintenance.  

Cons: They can crack under severe impact.

Steel doors 

Pros: As relatively inexpensive options, steel doors can offer the security of much costlier fibreglass and wood doors. Steel doors require little maintenance, only prone to harsh dents here and there. Although they are energy-efficient, adding glass panels cuts their insulating value.  

Cons: Steel doors are not as weather-resistant as fibreglass and wood doors. And while they're typically low-maintenance, dents are hard to fix, and scratches may rust if they aren't painted promptly. 

Wooden doors 

Pros: Solid-wood doors are perfect for providing a high-end look that other materials try and mimic. They are also the best at resisting general wear and tear, being the least likely to dent. And scratches are easy to repair.  

Cons: Wooden doors remain some of the more expensive options and require regular painting or varnishing to look their best.

In the end, keep style and safety in mind, and remember to input a little bit of your own character into the look of your front door.

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