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9 clever ideas to cool the house without air-conditioning

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During the hottest months of the year, almost everyone wishes like turning on the AC on full blast, but unfortunately the consequences of that is a sky-high electricity bill. Thankfully though, there are several clever ways to cool the house without AC, which can make you more comfortable at home while also saving loads on electricity. Most of the ideas here do not require a big budget at all. However, certain ideas are long-term investments which initially cost more money but can save you lots of money in the long-run. We hope you will be inspired to try some of these ideas in your own home. For further information and ideas, please follow the links and tags included. Enjoy! 

1. Close the blinds during the day

Heat penetrates through glass windows easily, so it's best to close the window blinds during the day to help keep the house the cool. 

2. Use heavy, thick curtains to block out light

Although blinds are easier to maintain, many people still prefer the traditional allure of curtains. If your house has many windows, it is very important to provide shade for those windows as most of the heat gets into the house through the windows. For more inspiration, please refer to our article titled dress your windows in spectacular style.

3. Close the doors of unused rooms

If there are rooms in the house that are not being used, make sure to keep the doors closed as cool air often flows into open spaces. Less cool air in the unused rooms means more cool air for the rooms being used. 

4. Change your bedding

A cool bedroom is one of the most important things as it is very difficult to fall asleep when it is hot. Changing the type of bedding you use can help you feel cooler while sleeping. For example, use cotton bed sheets instead of polyester or flannel. Kapok pillows can also help you keep much cooler than regular pillows. For more information, please refer to our article titled finally choose the right pillow for you.

5. Cool yourself down

Keep your body temperature lower by drinking lots of cold water. Dressing appropriately or rather wearing as little clothes as possible also helps. Wearing a wet t-shirt is also another great natural and free technique which works well. 

6. Sleep on the lower levels

Hot air rises, so in order to have a cooler bedroom, it is better to use the rooms on the lower levels of the house. A bed that is lower to the ground or a mattress on the floor can also help you have a cooler bedroom to sleep in. For more ideas, here are 5 ways to cool a hot bedroom.

7. Switch your lighting

Incandescent lighting emits a lot of heat. Therefore you can cool down the house significantly by switching to compact fluorescent lamps. There are also many different types of energy-saving lighting available which can help to cool down the house while also saving money on electricity bills. Although this type of lighting may be more expensive, it is a worthwhile investment for the future. For more inspiration, have a look at how you can keep your house cool in summer.

8. Avoid using the oven

The kitchen is a room that can heat up the rest of the house if you are not careful. We highly recommend not using the oven when it's really hot as this will just make the temperatures rise even more. Try using a grill or having a salad instead. Using an exhaust fan in the kitchen also helps to suck out all the hot air that is emitted during cooking. 

9. Invest in a few long-term additions

There's a few permanent things you can do to cool your house down such as insulating the windows, adding an awning and creating ventilation holes. Making sure your home is well-shaded can cool down the house a lot, so even having lots of plants can play a significant role in cooling down the house. We hope you've gathered some useful insights here. For more ideas like this, please read 7 ways to cool down your house naturally.

What other DIY ideas would you like to hear about? 

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