Mahajans Lounge in DLF 4, Gurugram:  Walls by Grecor

23 Tips for decorating with plants

Asha Bogenfuerst Asha Bogenfuerst
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Plants can make a beautiful and inexpensive addition to a home. Just a few simple potted plants in the living room can make a full room feel alive again. Today we would like to illustrate several ideas on how you can use plants to decorate your home. We will also make some suggestions on where is the best place to place plants. Some of these ideas are more simple than others which are more elaborate and may require a professional. We hope you will find some inspiration for your home through these gorgeous designs by local interior designers at homify India. We have also included some helpful links and tags which you can follow for more ideas and information. Please leave us a comment in the end if you enjoyed this article. 

1. A big potted plant at the entrance says a nice welcome.

2. Place plants that require more sunlight in a place where it can get sun, even if it's indoors.

3. For perfectly manicured lawns, potted plants are best.

3. A vase of flowers by the TV.

4. Some flowers to brighten up the study area.

5. A wall shelf of flowers in vases.

6. Flowery vines creeping along the corridor.

7. A plant for the bathroom helps to filter the air.

8. Under the stairs is an excellent place for an indoor garden.

 4 bedroom Villa at Prestige Glenwood:  Corridor & hallway by ACE INTERIORS

4 bedroom Villa at Prestige Glenwood


9. Bring good energy to the pooja room with a plant.

10. Enhance the water feature with a plant.

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence:  Corridor & hallway by M B M architects
M B M architects

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence

M B M architects

11. Create a mini garden in the pooja room.

For more inspiration, please refer to our article titled 5 indoor garden ideas.

12. Decorate the dining table with a vase of blooms.

13. Make the plants stand out more by using colourful pots.

For more ideas, please refer to plant tubs—easy ideas for balcony plants.

14. Place a small pot of herbs in the kitchen.

Purva Seasons 270 - Bangalore: modern Kitchen by

Purva Seasons 270—Bangalore

15. The terrace is one of the most ideal spaces for plants.

500 sq ft Terrace of a private apartment at Clover Water Gardens, Pune.:  Terrace by Global Associiates
Global Associiates

500 sq ft Terrace of a private apartment at Clover Water Gardens, Pune.

Global Associiates

For more ideas, have a look at 15 beautiful and green ideas for your terrace.

16. Green walls for a spacious and modern terrace.




17. Green wall with decorative wall panels and sculpture.

Terrace Garden Design:  Terrace by Studio Machaan
Studio Machaan

Terrace Garden Design

Studio Machaan

For more information on green walls please refer to our article titled bring the green inside—placing a green wall in your home.

18. Potted plant on the coffee table and all the way up the stairs.

Saravan - The Singh's residence:  Terrace by Sandarbh Design Studio
Sandarbh Design Studio

Saravan—The Singh's residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

19. Creeping plants can provide good shade for the outdoor area.

20. Save space by attaching potted plants to the wall.

21. Decorate the mini bar with a plant or two.

Outdoor Terrace Bar Designers.:  Terrace by Studio Machaan
Studio Machaan

Outdoor Terrace Bar Designers.

Studio Machaan

22. The window seating area is a great place for plants.

23. Decorate green walls with art.

Mahajans Lounge in DLF 4, Gurugram:  Walls by Grecor

Mahajans Lounge in DLF 4, Gurugram


Green walls can be indoor too, and you can decorate them with art or other artificial plants to jazz it up a few more notches. We hope you've been inspired by the ideas here. For more ideas like this, please read 7 steps to a green roof for your home.

Which decoration tips did you like the best? 
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