6 Storage ideas to make your bathroom look attractive

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From Valencia With Design, Yonoh Yonoh
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Do you feel that your hair dryer, shampoos, conditioner bottles, toilet paper rolls and towels are conspiring against you, and making your bathroom look dangerously cluttered? As if it has never witnessed the dawn of organization since ages? Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

Storing and arranging endless amount of toiletries can definitely seem like a mountainous task. However, if you are looking for bathroom storage ideas to help you declutter your bathroom, then welcome to the world of smart organization hacks. We will show you how to get your bathroom as organized as any the other part of your home.

From drawer inserts to hooks, hangars, shelves and many more; we will discuss some extremely simple ideas that you can incorporate in your washroom. These will not only lend a sense of order to your toilet, but will also take the décor to a whole new level. So read on and get some ideas to make your bathroom wow from how.

Bathroom vanities and drawer inserts

A bathroom vanity is one of the most important things which you will need in your bathroom, if you are searching for an adequate and chic storage system. Not only will it have a bathroom basin or sink with a mirror, but it will also have ample storage space to help you keep all those towels, hair styling tools and toiletries neatly. You can choose from wooden or glass bathroom vanities to meet your requirements. Go for a double width vanity or single width vanity, depending on the space available in your bathroom.

However, keep in mind that your requirements may increase in future and hence always invest in a bathroom vanity which has slightly more storage space than your current needs. You can pick from different styles like floating vanity, completely open vanity, completely closed vanity, a mix of open and closed vanity, vanity with above the counter storage, and so on. It is also advisable to use drawer inserts with your vanity, so that you can compartmentalise all essentials easily.

Door organizers and hooks

From Valencia With Design, Yonoh Yonoh

Door organizers and hooks are extremely versatile and help save on a lot of space. These can be mounted behind bathroom doors or even on the insides of cabinet doors. You can use them to hang everything from towels to cleaning gloves and others. You could even choose to hang a cloth or plastic caddy from one or more hooks and then use the newly available storage space exactly as per your wish. 

Removing these door organizers and hooks is a piece of cake, and they do not even spoil your wall. So buy a couple of these or recycle your old shower hooks and use them. You can cleverly colour code your hooks and door organizers, to avoid the next big fight when you end up using another family member’s towel.

Shelf dividers

Every single one of us has experienced how awful it is to hunt for something from a cluttered shelf or drawer. We are sure that the inventor of shelf dividers got exasperated by the constant struggle of organizing his shelf, and thus invented the ever useful shelf divider!

Follow the adage of “Divide and rule” and use shelf dividers to arrange your stuff. Choose from pre built bathroom shelf dividers or make a make-shift one using some card board sheets – the choice is completely yours. Find your stuff exactly where you keep it every time, by making use of these dividers.

Pull-out trays

Pull-out trays can play a very important role in enhancing the oomph factor of your bathroom, by keeping it clutter free. These can easily be fitted inside cabinets or inside your bathroom vanity, and can be the perfect for storing everything from your toiletries to cleaning supplies, wash cloth mitts and more.

You can arrange multiple pull-out trays in a vertical manner in tall cabinets, to make the most of the vertical space. Your work will become much simpler if all you need to do is just pull-out that tray, and pick what you need from the neatly organized products. You can even add tiny jars and bins to these pull out trays to further segregate your stuff.

Stacked storage

However small the dimensions of your bathroom, you can make use of stacked storage to save on the floor area and keep things organized. From using hanging shelves to vertical spice racks, sink skirts, readymade stacked shelving, to even custom built stacked storage – the possibilities are numerous, and they can be incorporated conveniently.  You can use the space above the sink or a corner of the bathroom, or even the space above the pot for installing stacked storage systems. Neatly fold away your towels or stack medicines or toiletries at different levels. However, make sure that the storage space is easy to access.

Use vases for storage

Who said vases are only meant for housing flowers? You can also use them for storage purposes. Vases made from glass don’t just hold your trinkets, but they also let you see what exactly is inside them. You can store spare toilet paper rolls or your bobby pins or ruffles or cotton balls in these glass vases. Fashion jewellery, combs, toothbrushes, and even cosmetics can be kept in these.

You can also buy some lovely vintage vases from antique shops, label them and use them for storage in your bathroom. Keep them on the counter of your vanity or better still, on hanging shelves and make a style statement. See how little glass jars in the washroom cabinet above, have been used for storage. This intelligent washroom was designed by Workshop Interiors, interior architects from United Kingdom.  

We hope that by embracing the above ideas, you will be able to save the time which goes waste in hunting for something in your bathroom. So, get moving. Shop for a few essential organizers, hire a professional if the need arises, and say hello to a clutter free bathroom. It will be extremely stylish, but will hardly need regular maintenance.

Are you still looking for more inspirations? Then here is an insightful ideabook for you – Small bathroom design ideas & inspirations.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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