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Beautiful ways to decorate your home with paper craft

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Looking for thrifty ways to adorn your home? Get inspired by paper craft décor ideas for enhancing the beauty of your home, in an inexpensive manner. Originally hailing from China, paper art is taught in many schools across the world in an effort to encourage imaginative thinking in kids. With old newspapers in tow, children spend hours trying to master paper crafts.

Of late, the trend of using paper craft décor has caught up, and people are using it as an inexpensive method of decorating their homes. Easy to learn and implement, this art needs patience but once you are an expert, there is no limit to how well you can beautify your abode with paper craft items. All you need is some practice, a little time and some paper; and you are ready to start. Read on for some simple tips on how you can use this art to transform your home from drab to fab!

Paper graphics for a cosy corner

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Brighten up the dull corners of your room with a DIY paper graphic. Easy to make, paper graphics are one of the most simple yet effective paper art décor ideas that you can incorporate in your home. Perfect for beginners, these paper graphics are versatile decor items. Seasoned paper craft artists can try making paper graphics of varied shapes and textures. For beginners, it is best to stick to simple shapes such as hearts, stars or even rain drops, while those with a little more experience can try intricate and interweaved designs.

Mix and match with different colours and textures of papers for your graphic, and watch that dull corner instantly liven up. Honey comb balls, leaf patterns, ancient geometric shapes or flowers, chains – there are virtually no limits when it comes to paper graphics. Make graphics depicting your child’s favourite cartoon character and watch his face lighten up. Or simply use heart graphics to surprise your loved one.

The magic of origami-fractal

Are you wondering how fractal and origami got related? Well origami is the art of repeatedly folding paper while fractal deals with repeated forms; so naturally they got linked. However, you do not have to go deep into fractals. Rather, all you need to do is to create some fractal origami to decorate your house.

You can choose from fractal roses to fractal lotuses or other flowers or decide to make some fractal Menger Sponge or even snowflake fractal. Origami Fractal pyramids too can help you decorate your abode. However, fractal origami is more time consuming and difficult than other origami art forms and thus requires patience and perseverance.

Fold organic shapes and use watercolours

Decorate your home with life like pieces of paper art made from wet paper, or made from dry origami paper painted with water or oil colours. The art of folding wet paper was invented by Akira Yoshizawa, a Japanese master who stunned the west with his life like origami pieces of birds and animals, which had soft folds instead of sharp creases. This method of wet paper folding can be perfected in a few attempts and then you will be ready to lend your imagination wings.

You can try doing this by using a wet origami paper, and folding it according to the shape you want. Alternatively, if you are not too confident of folding a wet paper, then make any origami piece with dry paper and then use your artistic ability to paint it with water colours.

Paper cubes on the wall for a tri-dimensional effect

Want to move away from regular 2-D origami pieces? Give 3D pieces a chance and earn the appreciation of your friends and family alike. Penguins, teddy bears, pyramids, flowers can all be made by using 3D origami art. Start with the simplest 3D shape – a paper cube – and then move on to more intricate and challenging shapes.

Make a stylish paper lamp yourself

Looking to decorate your home with lamps? Make some origami lamps and let them become centres of attraction. Origami paper lamps are one of the simplest yet stylish ways of incorporating origami decor in your homes. Though you can find readymade origami paper lamps in the market, the thrill of hanging a self-made origami lamp is unmatched.

So buy some coloured origami papers and start making one. Opt for bright coloured paper to make your lamps. Geometric shaped lamps, intricately cut paper lamps, rolled paper lamps, pendant lamps – there is no dearth of ideas when it comes to making an origami paper lamp. Just search the internet for some fabulous ideas, arm yourself with some origami sheets, scissors and cutters, and start on your lamp making project.

How about some colourful animal paper heads on the wall?

Remember the time when hunters used to decorate their living room with stuffed heads of real animals? We certainly do not advise you to do that. However, you can go a step closer and make coloured animal heads with paper, and then display them on your wall. Get your creative juices flowing and make an animal head from paper.

Decorate your child’s room with paper heads of his favourite animal, or create a small zoo on your wall to earn the admiration of all little visitors. Get as realistic as you can when creating these paper animal heads, by using coloured papers which match the animal’s exact skin tone in real life. You can even add an extra touch by painting it with other features, to resemble the head of an actual animal. Take a hint from the stunning pieces from Papertrophy, supplier of furniture and accessories from Germany.

Try your hands at paper craft and get started on one of the most economical yet interesting methods of decorating your home. On account of being inexpensive, you can keep on adding or changing your paper décor to surprise your guests. So go shopping, buy a few origami sheets and get started on your unique home décor project. We are confident that you will love the final result.  

For more ideas and inspirations, feel free to take a look at this ideabook – Get creative with original wallpaper ideas.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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