How to lay out a carpet step by step

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Carpets weave their own magic in every room. But the Indian concept of adding a carpet to one's home is of placing a small carpet in the middle of the sofa set, which is boring and limiting. There are many other aesthetic ways of introducing carpets in a home. Do you want to add a carpets to your home but interestingly, or do you want to carpet your entire home without the end result looking shabby? Here are some tips how to lay out a carpet step by step.

Lay out the carpet

The first thing to do while adding a carpet to a room is but of course to lay it out. Whether you want to place it  below furniture like here or in the centre of the room, always make sure the carpet is laid out flat and doesn't have creases. To ensure this you can use carpet pads to to secure the carpet to the floor at the perimeter which will prevent it from moving and forming lumps. If you are carpeting the entire room you can use cushion-backed carpet which is a lot like sheet vinyl, all you have to do is to lay it out in the entire room and cut it to size.

Secure the carpet in place

Houndstooth pattern carpet LUXEcarpet Walls & flooringWall & floor coverings

Houndstooth pattern carpet


The next thing to do is to secure the carpet in place. If you are using carpet pads you won't need to stick it to the floor. But if your are doing end to end carpeting with an interesting carpet like this hounstooth pattern carpet designed by LUXECARPET it is best to use adhesive or glue to secure it firmly to the floor and prevent it from moving or becoming lumpy in places.

Adapt inner corners

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While laying out a carpet also remember to adapt the inner corners of the carpet so that it does not look messy and stays in place. One way to do this is to use carpet skirting rails, but if you are not opting for carpeting the entire room this may look weird. You can fasten the inner corners with nails to the floor and prevent them from moving or fraying in the future.

Steer away from doorways

Doorways are tricky while carpeting. If you are carpeting your entire home, you will have to cut a carpet roll where ever there is a door and add a new strip on the other side of the room. This may work if the carpet is of a single solid colour, but if you have a patterned carpet the pattern may not match on the other side of the door once the carpet strip is cut. A simple way to avoid this is to steer clear of doorways and place the carpet a few inches away from all walls and doors in the passageway like here.

Repair edges

Nothing looks as bad as a frayed and torn carpet. Too often the edges start tearing and the whole carpet comes apart. So before you place a carpet in a room repair it's torn edges and make sure it looks neat. A tattered carpet will just make your room look shabby even if the rest of the room is immaculate.

Off beat placement and shapes

Finally, instead of placing the carpet in the centre of the room, try placing it in a corner or one side of a room to create an interesting effect. Also instead of end to end carpeting or a simple square or rectangular carpet, opt for other shapes like the round carpet here for your kids room or a long narrow carpet in front of the bed in your bedroom. Carpets and curtains together can totally change the vibe of a room. Here are some tips to help you dress your home with carpets and curtains.

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