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14 awesome kitchen cabinets for your Indian kitchen

Independent Bungalow, JP Nagar - Mr.Raghu DECOR DREAMS KitchenCabinets & shelves
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We all know and understand the importance of a clean and organized kitchen in our life and of course in our home. A proper storage space in kitchen is absolutely vital to keep the condiments, utensils, crockery, cutlery, kitchen gadgets… There are lots to store in kitchen and that too within a comfortable reach and not completely invisible. A well organized neat and clean kitchen comes with an important benefit, peace of mind. And who doesn’t want it?

Today we have come up with 14 awesome ideas of kitchen cabinets for you to get inspired and build a stylishly convenient kitchen for your home. Have a look!

​1. Inventive imagination

Independent Bungalow, JP Nagar - Mr.Raghu DECOR DREAMS KitchenCabinets & shelves

Independent Bungalow, JP Nagar—Mr.Raghu


It’s your home and your kitchen, do what you like and let your imagination loose. Curvy space taking its own twist and turns has its own creative charm. In this small kitchen there is everything, a long cupboard, gadget garage, wall cabinets, floor cabinets, space for refrigerator and even the breakfast bar.

​2. Vibrantly bold

SNN Raj Serenity, 3 BHK - Mr. Ramprasath DECOR DREAMS Built-in kitchens

SNN Raj Serenity, 3 BHK—Mr. Ramprasath


If you love vibrancy and want your kitchen to be filled with bold colour, to make it your dream kitchen, then do it. Design the cupboards to bring in colour, vibrancy and your personal preference into the space where you spend lots of time cooking for your family. The deep red of this kitchen has been beautifully harmonized by the soothing white to enhance its beauty.

​3. Customized comfort

Mr. Shekhar Bedare's Residence GREEN HAT STUDIO PVT LTD Kitchen units MDF White

Mr. Shekhar Bedare's Residence


It’s a perfect example of neat and organized spacious kitchen. The U-shaped kitchen creates an opportunity to design cabinets on three sides leaving the middle open to work efficiently. The front wall covered in cupboards of all size and variation makes room for everything. A space has been assigned for the microwave too. And then how can we miss the basket drawers adding style to comfort.

4. Sophistication on display

A small kitchen doesn’t mean that you cannot display your crockery or you have to hide everything behind the closed doors to make it look organized. Design your kitchen elegantly, choose the colour you will never get bored of, opt for glass door cabinets, arrange your kitchenware smartly and then display your sophisticated style with élan.

​5. One stop solution

In a small kitchen, instead of opting for many cabinets, go for one large cupboard with different sectioning that can make room for of your kitchen essentials.

​6. The corner space

Using the corners of the kitchen judiciously is no more a rocket science. The market is flooded with innovative ideas where the corner has been beautiful designed. If these creative drawers look interesting and convenient to you, get it for your kitchen. Or else foldable cupboard is also an option.

​7. The sunshine colour

SJR Watermark, 3 BHK - Mr. Ankit DECOR DREAMS Built-in kitchens

SJR Watermark, 3 BHK—Mr. Ankit


Yellow, the colour of sunshine has the power to make a space bright and cheery. Kitchen should be designed to elevate the mood and make you happy. Happy person cooks delicious meals. You can either choose all your cabinets to be yellow and use it smartly in sync with white to make it look stylish and chic.

8. Wooden delight

The warmth and elegance of wood is unmatched. And if treated with respect, the earthy and natural beauty of wood will make the kitchen look fabulous and feel modern.

​9. Shelves of the kitchen

Along with the close cabinets, kitchen should also have a few open shelves where everyday items can be stored for hassle-free life in the kitchen. Just make sure that it is fixed on the wall or embedded with the cabinets to avoid any accidents.

​10. Evergreen retro

Tropical home 1 Studio Nirvana Tropical style kitchen
Studio Nirvana

Tropical home 1

Studio Nirvana

Have fun in your kitchen and kick the boredom out! Take some clue from here and paint the cupboards green, orange, red or whatever you want. Just look how the chimney has been framed with wooden board and a hanging space has been created. Use it the way you want.

​11. Breaking monotony

Residential project ARY Studios Modern kitchen
ARY Studios

Residential project

ARY Studios

There is no doubt that white is a wonderful option in kitchen. It’s a peaceful and calm colour which brightens up the space. But the shade of purple running along the space dominated by white breaks the monotony and makes the space fashionably fabulous. Walking into this beautiful kitchen will elevate your mood and prepare you to churn out the best recipes.

​12. In the niche

If there is a niche between two columns in your kitchen, it is an opportunity to build a cupboard taking advantage and making full use of niche on the wall. Believe us, you cannot find a better use of this space in your kitchen.

13. Synchronized charm

Antique look of the floor cabinets with traditional knobs is synchronized well with the modern handle-free wall cabinets of the wall. The best of both worlds come together in the shade of blue and white to make it a well organized clean and clear kitchen.

​14. Industrial kitchen

Just because it is kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t design it to suit your personality and taste. Invest to decorate it from ceiling to floor, build strong and sturdy metal cupboards from one wall to other and then a few under the counter wooden cabinets to make it a comfortably organized kitchen.

The other side of the same kitchen

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Which cupboard idea you found fresh and new and will adore your kitchen to make it beautiful? Write to us.
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