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10 quick and easy bathroom cleaning tips

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Cleaning the bathroom is not exactly everyone's hobby, but there are several ways to reduce the amount of time needed to clean the bathroom without having to go through much grime. Although it may initially sound unconventional, the methods we suggest below are simple methods that can be very effective. We highly recommend creating your own cleaning solution using household products rather than using store-bought bathroom cleaners. Bathroom cleaners contain harsh chemicals that pollute the rivers, seas and ocean; furthermore so-called magic solutions can be quite costly. We hope you will be inspired some of these new bathroom cleaning tips in your own home. For more ideas on this topic, please follow the links and tags included. 

1. Start with the toilet

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Inscape Designers

Kavardhara Villa

Inscape Designers

It's best to start with the part of the bathroom that is the least pleasant to clean. The good news is you don't need expensive toilet cleaners with strong chemicals to make your throne look all shiny and new. All you need is some antacid tablets, mouthwash and a can of Coke. Pour the ingredients above into your toilet and scrub it a bit, then let it soak until you've finished cleaning the rest of the bathroom before you give it a final scrubbing and then a nice flush. 

2. Make glass surfaces sparkle

Next let's move on to one of the more pleasant tasks of cleaning the bathroom—making glass surfaces sparkle! Let's have some fun with unconventional cleaning ingredients such as shaving cream and furniture polish. The advantage of cleaning glass with shaving cream is that it will make it more difficult for grease and grime to stick to it. After cleaning the glass surface with shaving cream, use a cloth to apply furniture polish to the glass until it sparkles. For more ideas, please also refer to our article titled 7 tips to keep glass windows and panels clean.

3. Scrub the bathroom floor

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Neanpeanse Road, Mumbai


Bathroom tiles with grouts can be a pain to keep clean as all the grime gets stuck in it. However, we have a cleaning solution that is going too make the job slightly easier. This time you will need a tooth-whitening solution and mouthwash. Scrub the bathroom floor with the ingredients mentioned above and then let it soak for a while before giving it a good rinse. If there are stains on the tiles, it's best to soak it beforehand with bleach and then give it a good scrub. 

4. Clean the ceiling

One of the most neglected areas of the bathroom when it comes to cleaning is the ceiling. However, mildew, spots and grime also tend to accumulate on the ceiling. The best way to clean the bathroom ceiling is to use a solution of half-part vinegar and water and a mop. Make sure you wear some goggles or some kind of eye protection to prevent the vinegar from burning your eyes. 

5. Clean the shower curtains

Shower curtains often accumulate mildew which can make it look quite disgusting after a while. Fortunately shower curtains can be easily cleaned by soaking them in a solution of borax, vinegar and water for about 15 minutes and scrubbing them gently. Next spray some vinegar with salt on the parts affected by the mildew and hang it up to dry. For more ideas, have a look at our article titled 47 ways to use vinegar for cleaning your home.

6. Remove stubborn stains from the sink

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Aayam Consultants

Premium Residence

Aayam Consultants

Two cups of salt dissolved in hot water with vinegar and baking soda can be quite effective in removing stubborn stains from the sink. If there is a bad smell coming from your sink, it is probably because of the drain pipes. Please refer to the following article for more information: what can I use for cleaning the drain pipe.

7. Get rid of rust stains

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Make a thick paste with borax, lemon juice, salt and toothpaste then scrub the rust stains with a toothbrush. It's very important that you remove rust stains as soon as possible because the longer you leave it, the more stubborn the stain will become. 

8. Unclog the showerhead

Showerheads often get clogged because of the mineral deposits from hard water. This causes the water to flow more slowly and can also cause more serious problems if left unattended. In order to clean the showerhead, you need to remove it first and then let it soak in vinegar overnight. Sometimes showerheads cannot be removed. In this case, pour the vinegar into a plastic bag and tie it to the showerhead so that it is properly immersed in the solution. 

9. Remove grease and grime

The secret recipe to remove all types of grease and grime is four tablespoons of baking soda, half cup of vinegar and three cups of warm water. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe everything clean and then rinse off with water. 

10. Make it smell nice

Three Storey Grand Residence @Paota,Jodhpur: modern Bathroom by RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS

Three Storey Grand Residence @Paota,Jodhpur


Last but not least, make the bathroom smell nice by spraying some lemon juice all over. Furthermore, it's nice to stand back and look at the clean bathroom and smell how clean it feels. We hope you've learned some new bathroom cleaning tips that will make life easier for you. For more ideas like this, please refer to our article titled 6 simple bathroom cleaning tips.

What other cleaning tips would like to know more about? 
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