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6 things to consider before buying a screen for the shower

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The shower is an essential part of the bathroom and if there is sufficient space people prefer to have an enclosed area that keeps the bath water limited to one corner of the bathroom. A shower saves time and water during a bath and a refreshing stream of water on the body revitalizes oneself before setting out to work. Whether the shower faucet is built above the bathtub or is in a separate section of the bathroom, having a screen around the area protects soap flecks and other runoff water from splattering all over the bathrooms. A carefully selected shower screen adds to the aesthetic appearance of the area so it has to be well matched to the colour scheme of the bathroom besides being waterproof and long-lasting.

The shower enclosure: No water coming out

A shower enclosure is an ideal contraption if you want to avoid water escaping from the underside of shower screens which usually happens when the shower area is on the same level as the rest of the bathroom and there is no barrier at floor level to keep dirty water contained in a small region. If you have small children or old people at home that can slip in the bathroom on soapy water it is advisable to try and  accommodate a shower cabinet like the one here which has a wide rim at the bottom to keep the water and soap inside the enclosure. Though the bathroom area is not very large, owners have planned it in an efficient manner to ensure that it meets all the essential requirements without compromising on comfort.

Space available in the bathroom

Take into consideration the total square feet of space available in the bathroom while setting up essential sanitary ware and equipment, the area will give you a fair idea about selecting the right size of a shower screen. If the bathroom is spacious a separate enclosure with a shower cabinet can be set up but if the area is limited then it has to be either built above the bathtub or can be separated from other sections of the bathroom with a glass screen or opaque plastic screen. In a spacious bathroom you can have pivoted doors so the doors can swing in and out whereas bi-folding or sliding doors are applicable for small bathrooms.

The thickness of the glass/plastic

Walk in frameless glass shower Modern bathroom by Ion Glass Modern Glass
Ion Glass

Walk in frameless glass shower

Ion Glass

Once you have the exact measurements of the shower region, make up your mind about either installing a complete shower cabinet or just setting up a door and half wall separating that area from the rest of the bathroom. There are several materials to choose in the market like glass, plastic and thick waterproof fabrics that can be used for shower screens.  The size, colour, thickness and quality of the shower screen will depend on how many people would be using the bathroom at the same time. If the house has more than one washroom then a private one like this Mediterranean bathroom attached to the bedroom will only be used by one person at a time, then a transparent one can be incorporated.

The type of opening

The type of opening around the shower largely decides the kind of screen that would be applicable to the area. In a small bathroom where the shower head is placed above the bathtub and there is a frosted glass screen around the rim of the tub it usually has a single opening to step in and out of the tub. In an elegant bathroom like the one designed here by Benuta which has a open shower area at the extreme end with an easy entry and exit then a simple curtain screen will suffice as one can step into the area from any side.

The ability to repel water lime

A shower screen is applied around the shower area for two main purposes among which one is to provide privacy and another is to avoid sprinkling water and soap all around the bathroom. The lime content in bathing products like shampoo, shower gel and soap leave white stains on the floor, walls and other objects in the bathroom when there are no barriers in the shower area to confine the dirt. 

Sliding door or folding door

A sliding door is perfect for a rectangular bathroom like this where space is a constraint and a step down design is essential to keep the water in one section of the bathroom. Sliding door designs like this offer the comfort of using two showering techniques without worrying about water spilling out of the shower area.

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