Hakuna Matata: rustic Bedroom by Mahesh Punjabi Associates

8 ideas to make your small bedroom look bigger

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Decorating a small bedroom and making sure it does not look cluttered can be a challenge. Instead of giving up on your creative design, you can but use certain bedroom colour schemes and design ideas to switch around your sense of style. Here are eight bright ways you can make your tiny bedroom look bigger.

1. Avoid Dark Curtains

3 Bedroom Mumbai Residence: modern Bathroom by Aum Architects
Aum Architects

3 Bedroom Mumbai Residence

Aum Architects

When you use dark curtains, you block natural light making the bedroom look smaller than it actually is. By using pale-coloured curtains, you welcome more natural light. Use sheer, white curtains for your bedroom windows so that sufficient amount of natural light enters and you get privacy as well.

2. Built-in shelves

The built-in shelves should only be 12 inches deep. They save a lot of space as they double as bedside tables giving you the much needed floor space.

3. Bigger windows for maximum natural light

3 BHK Apartment - Raheja Pebble Bay: modern Bedroom by KRIYA LIVING

3 BHK Apartment—Raheja Pebble Bay


Bigger the bedroom window, more the natural light it will scatter around. Keep the area around the window free, so that nothing blocks its path.

4. Use a daybed

Get creative and use a daybed in bedrooms for children. That saves space for putting an activity table for the child and space to run around. Ask your interior designer to build a study table attached to the daybed, like one in the photo.

5. Mirrored wardrobe doors

Mirrored wardrobe doors give the illusion of a bigger room. By placing it in front of your bed, it doubles the area by illusion. For best effect, choose or build a wardrobe with full-length mirrors.

6. Keep decor minimal

3 Bedroom Mumbai Residence: modern Bedroom by Aum Architects
Aum Architects

3 Bedroom Mumbai Residence

Aum Architects

A clutter-free bedroom always looks bigger than one with too much furniture. Choose a bed with legs instead of a box bed and only keep the required furniture in the bedroom, which includes bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, and two chairs to sit.

7. Keep bed low to the ground

The bedroom in the picture has a lower ceiling, so it only makes sense to keep furniture low to the ground. The trick will make the bedroom look much taller and bigger.

​ 8. Light colours on wall

Hakuna Matata: rustic Bedroom by Mahesh Punjabi Associates

Light colours reflect light and dark colours absorb it. When light reflects on light-coloured walls, it makes the room look bigger.

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