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A Futuristic Home Filled With Luxury

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Hello luxury – meet the future. Luxury is one word that drives us all. Whether it’s our home, wardrobe, choice of gadgets or the car we choose to drive – we look for luxury in everything. And this amazing home, Villa Oistervijik, emphasizes this aspect effectively.

Situated in Netherlands, this impressive abode brings together futuristic design, artistic inspirations and natural touches, to create a look that demands a second or even a third glance. It reflects the soul of the country which is famous for its windmills and glorious tulip fields. The structure has been designed and rendered by Van Oers Weijers Architecten BNA, architects known for their path breaking designs and out-of-box thinking. These professionals have created nothing less than magic, and today you get to take a tour of this lovely home.

A playful facade

The front view revels in its asymmetrical beauty, and looks like a modern day doll house leaning forward and beckoning you with its playfulness. The curiously slanted roof shades large windows which let in just the right amount of sunlight for natural illumination of the interiors.

A different angle

The grey slate-like effect of the roof awes with its cool monochromatic look. The glass and brick detailing appears eclectic and interesting. Rooms seem to pop out of the roof and offer breathtaking views of the lush green grounds. A covered patio just beside the house is perfect for outdoor dining, leisurely evenings and barbeques. The architectural eccentricity of the house appeals to you no matter from which angle you are viewing it.

A foyer charged with horse power

The larger than life element that dominates the main foyer is the horse, crafted from solid metal to showcase the playfulness of the home. It seems all set to break into a gallop anytime. A red rug breaks the austerity of the pristine white surroundings, and accentuates the fun factor in its own understated way. Dark wooden stairs along with glass and stainless steel balustrades complete the elegant ambiance.

A lighted corner

A black leather couch sits in the corner formed by the walls that cross like cosmic paths in a stunning design. And beyond it, lies the living room. This unique entrance to the living room features an array of tall narrow windows on top, celebrating solid yet minimalist design elements. Large glass doors facing the couch allows ample sunshine and fresh air to permeate the indoors.

Pristine white goodness meets fiery red in the kitchen

The well-lighted kitchen is a vision in white, with a neat white kitchen island luxuriously sitting next to a smart dining table. The vibrant red chairs add passion and cheerfulness to the space. The beige curtains balance the red and complement the white, to produce a look of elegance. The presence of flowers is the added attraction of this kitchen.

The Luxurious Bathroom

This spacious, airy bathroom comes with grey oak finished accents and a long countertop with double sinks. There is adequate storage provision under the sinks, where all toiletries can be conveniently organized. The massive mirror lends a roomy look and leaves you soaking in the afterglow of luxury.

This home is any futuristic designer’s delight and has a lasting appeal. It effortlessly blends classic design elements with contemporary ideas. The winning design of this abode helps us perceive a whole new level of beauty and lavishness, even as it retains a minimalistic aura all throughout. Hope you were inspired by the tour. Here’s another ideabook to unleash the creative genius inside you – Modern Living Redefined.

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in your comments below.

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