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Portico de Busto—a classic social gathering property

Lei Adrienne Segovia—Homify Lei Adrienne Segovia—Homify
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Whether it's a huge family reunion or a daughter's 18th birthday, finding the perfect venue isn't that a big of a worry when potential event seekers are right by the humble corners of Bulacan. Simple celebrations are turned into memorable moments when the ideal place is just right for you. A classic facade, wide and spacious areas, and timeless interiors are the key ingredients to that unforgettable event. Today at Homify, we are featuring an elegant beauty designed by Ar. Kristoffer D. Aquino and his talented team.  

Eye-catching facade

First impressions definitely last -- and does not exclude architecture and interior designing. In fact, it's the design and style of a specific property that makes lasting great impressions to home dwellers and guests. Thus, a stunning front entrance or facade is a necessity. 

Pictured above, this 2, 500 square-metered property oozes in grandeur and finesse. Right from the front area, a spacious lawn area designed by Landscape Architect Edvin Santiago welcomes guests with fresh, inviting vibes. Of course, the facade is the main spotlight here. Coated in crisp white and flourished with abundant greenery, this event hall is the best option for social gatherings.

Classic architecture

As mentioned before, the property boasts its classic elegance through its architectural design. This specific spot caters as a veranda where guests can walk up and down like royalty on its perfect set of concrete steps. Classic means simple yet sophisticated, and its truly evident in the choice of materials, too. The design used very conventional building materials like concrete. Coating it with a splash of white makes everything more pure and genuine.

Moorish influences

A lot of house dwellers may not realize this, but this property highlights an amazing style genre in classic architecture -- Spanish Moorish architecture. The influences are purely brought out through the framings and shapes of the doors, windows, and other parts of the house. 

Light and crisp palette

Taking a tour inside the wide and relaxing property, it's quite noticeable how fairly decent it looks with its choice of colors. White is dominant feature in the design, as it ties up the overall classic appeal of the event hall. A few dashes of neutral tones are splattered all throughout the event area, which cuts the monotony of white in the design. 

Grand interior details

What's a classic, timeless beauty without its grandeur details? This event hall features two of its most distinguished spots in the whole layout -- the grand staircase and the lovely indoor terrace. The royalty vibes continue when guests walk up the stairs and lounge by the terrace area for some afternoon tea. 

Mix-match of patterns

Classic doesn't mean it only has to be white. Most mid-era designs actually feature a lot of mix and match with their patterns and colors. The property's comfort room shows its quirky and dainty details through the tiles of the bathroom counter. Plus, a dash of bronze mirror framing gives a little zing to the design.

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Comfortable private rooms

This cozy holding room is specially designed and furnished for notable guests such as a debutant or a newlywed couple, to name a few. The palette is beautifully understated yet is still subtle to the eyes. The wooden details also add a touch of classic feel to the room. It's also large in space, so any celebrant along with its glam team can definitely fit in the room!

Touches of art

To wrap up the whole timeless vibe of the property, artsy touches also flourish throughout the interiors. The interiors are purposely designed as a blank canvas, hence the plain yellow walls, which gives a chance for decorative pieces to shine in the room. The intricate designs of the lighting fixtures simply add life to any part of the house. Delightful paintings also beautify the walls, giving the property more character. 

As a property that can hold up to 300 guests (or even more), Portico de Busto is definitely a safe haven in Bustos, Bulacan that nobody should miss out!

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