A cosy home with a unique personality

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Join us on this tour today to check out the interiors of a cosy home with a unique personality. The home has a traditional style high ceiling, which makes it ideal for integrating a loft, creating a cosy nook and also maximizing space. If you're thinking of incorporating a loft in your home, you've come to the right place for inspiration and ideas. In this tour, we will mostly discuss how adding a loft can change the ambiance and atmosphere of your home.

If you have a house with a high ceiling, you will also be able to take back some good ideas from this tour. Although high ceilings are charming, they can lose their charm if they are not enhanced in the right way. This house, designed by Juan Carlos Loyo Arquitectura, architects based in Mexico, has made a masterpiece out of the high ceilings. Let's see how they did it!

Cosy space under the loft

One of the best things about incorporating a loft at home is the cosy space underneath that it creates. Pictured here, we can see that the space below the loft has been used to create a cozy dining area with lots of wooden elements that match the wooden loft. Browse through dining room designs here on homify for more ideas and added inspiration. 

Perfect place for a hammock

The loft built under the high ceiling of this home creates a perfect place to hang a hammock. It can be challenging to find a space to hang a hammock in the house, but with a loft like the one pictured here, it is not only easy to find a proper place to hang the hammock, but it also creates a cozy area for the hammock as well. 

We love that the loft room uses curtains instead of wooden walls to provide privacy for the room as this creates a much airier room with more breathing space, and it also tends to look larger. 

High ceilings are ideal for lofts

Houses with high ceilings are ideal for lofts as they offer sufficient vertical space to add another room. Although high ceilings are charming because they are reminiscent of an older architectural design, they can also make a house feel less cozy. Adding a loft helps to create a cozy space, and also makes the most out of the extra vertical space. High ceilings are also perfect for low-hanging, large pendant lamps, as they make the space cozier. 

Wall of art

Houses with high ceilings have tall walls with lots of space to hang stuff. If you leave it empty, the house tends to look cold and empty. However, if you fill it up like the designers have done with this house, it can make the house much cozier. The wall of art pictured here has been filled from top to bottom with unique artwork. 

The open plan living design of this house creates no divisions between the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Rather, the whole house feels like one unified whole. 

Rustic charm

Rustic charm is simply oozing out of every corner of this house as a lot of the furnishings and decorations in this home are made of wood. Even the flooring and the loft is composed of wood, and so is this beautiful antique wooden chair we see here at the side of the staircase that leads to the loft. Tribal designs and ethnic art also add to the rustic charm and unique personality of this home. 

Natural light

This home receives an abundance of natural light as it has large and tall windows that cover one entire wall and reach up to the high ceiling. As you can see in this picture, the house has a cozy, radiant glow thanks to the beautiful natural light that adds an extra nice touch to the overall ambiance of this home.

We have now come to the end of our tour. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. For more inspiration and ideas, have a look at make your home look like your favourite book

What do you like most about this tour? Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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